Chemical Filters

  • Pearl T drinking water filter kit

    Pearl-T Drinking Water Filter

    Wondering how to remove chlorine from tap water? Here's how...

    £89.99 in stock


  • Oyster TC taste and chemical water filter kit

    Oyster Taste and Chemicals Under Sink Water Filter

    Filter out chemicals, lead and other heavy metals as well as chlorine and sediments.

    £122.99 in stock


  • Pearl-DSC - Doulton Supercarb Drinking Water Filter Kit

    Pearl Supercarb Doulton Water Filter

    Our Pearl supercarb Doulton water filter will help YOU feel confident that your drinking water is healthy and free from contaminants.

    £127.99 in stock


  • Pearl DUC Doulton UltraCarb Water Filter Kit

    Pearl Ultracarb Doulton Water Filter

    Eco friendly and highly efficient Doulton water filter giving you lead free fresh drinking water.

    £133.99 in stock


  • Moby Water Filter Kit

    Moby Cold Water Tap Filter

    Our bestselling mains water filter that will dramatically improve the taste and smell of your mains water by removing chlorine and sediments.

    £137.99 in stock


  • Moby Rio Water Filter Kit (Doulton Rio)

    Doulton Rio 2000 Water Filter System

    Install our Doulton Rio 2000 water filter system on any private water supply to remove bacteria and other biological contamination.

    £219.99 in stock


  • Moby A cold water tap filter - arsenic filter

    Moby A cold water tap filter - arsenic filter

    Arsenic filter - with installation kit.

    £380.99 in stock


  • Doby Whole House Water Filter Kit

    The Doby

    The Doby whole house water filter system is the ideal choice for a small house with up to four occupants.

    £163.99 in stock


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