Water Filter Components


    Watts UV System Replacement Ballast

    New power supply for Watts ultraviolet systems 6-12GPM.

    £162.99 preorder


  • 20 inch Big Blue Water Filter Housing

    Big Blue 20 Water Filter Housing

    20 inch big housing with 1 inch ports and pressure relief valve.

    £89.99 in stock


  • John Guest PushFit 1/4 inch elbow

    John Guest PushFit Quarter Inch Elbow

    1/4'' push fit elbow for plastic tubing.

    £5.99 in stock


  • PI0208S - John Guest T

    John Guest PI0208S PushFit - Quarter Inch T Piece

    1/4'' Equal Tee for plastic tubing.

    £5.99 in stock


  • John Guest Pushfit Tap Adapter Quarter inch x Half inch

    John Guest Pushfit Tap Adapter Quarter inch x Half inch

    1/4'' Pushfit x 1/2'' BSP Tap Adapter CI320814S

    £5.99 in stock


  • 15mm Compression Fitting

    15mm Compression Fitting

    15mm Tee Fitting with John Guest Adaptor

    £18.99 in stock


  • Saddle Valve

    Saddle Valve

    Self piercing saddle valve for 1/4 inch tubing to 15mm water pipe

    £16.95 in stock


  • 22mm Double Check Valve

    Double Check Valve 22mm

    22mm Brass Double Check Valve

    £15.99 in stock


  • No Image

    Installation Fitting Kit

    Fitting components for Moby Installations

  • Filter Housing Key Wrench Spanner

    Filter Housing Spanner

    Spanner (or key) for 2.5'' and 4.5'' Filter Housings - check description for dimensions

    £5.99 in stock


  • Red and Blue Tubing

    Oyster-Pearl Tubing Set

    Quarter Inch Tubing Set

    £5.00 in stock


  • Shutoff Valve John Guest PPSV040808W

    Shutoff Valve - John Guest 0.25'' Pushfit

    Isolation valve for quarter inch tubing - PPSV040808W

    £6.00 in stock


  • Mur-lok Pushfit O0420416

    Mur-lok Pushfit O0420416

    Quarter inch tube x Quarter inch Male NPTF

    £5.99 in stock


  • Bracket for Big Blue Full Flow Filter Housing

    Mounting bracket for 4.5 inch filter housing

    Bracket for all single Moby filters (includes screws and washers)

    £23.99 in stock


  • White Filter Housing Bracket

    Single white housing bracket

    For 10 x 2.5 inch cartridge housings (includes screws and washers)

    £9.99 in stock


  • Pearl T housing - no cartridge

    Pearl Housing with ports

    Pearl Housing with fitted ports (no cartridge or bracket)

    £28.99 in stock


  • Grundfos Hot Water Booster Pump

    Hot Water Booster Pump

    Increase your hot water pressure up to 2.0 bar with our hot water booster pump. Install the hot water pump in your domestic property today.

    £125.99 in stock


  • Single Tap Booster Pump

    Water Booster Pump

    This water booster pump increases the water pressure to one tap in your domestic property.

    £215.99 in stock


  • Salamander Home Boost Pump

    Salamander Home Boost Pump 1.6

    £400.00 in stock


  • 15mm Double Check Valve

    Double Check Valve 15mm

    Brass 15mm double check valve for your plumbing needs.

    £7.99 in stock


  • 15mm to Half Inch BSP with Isolator

    15mm to half inch Flexi with Isolator

    15mm compression to 1/2 inch flexi connector with integrated isolator

    £8.99 in stock


  • Big Blue Full Flow Water Filter Housing with Brass Ports

    Big Blue Housing with Ports

    Full Flow Housing with fitted 1/2'' or 3/4'' ports

    £79.99 in stock


  • Filter Housing O Rings

    Filter Housing O Ring

    Replacement O rings for domestic and Big Blue filter housings

    £4.99 in stock


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