• 20 inch Big Blue Water Filter Housing

    Big Blue 20 Water Filter Housing

    20 inch Big Blue filter housing

    £79.99 in stock


  • John Guest PushFit 1/4 inch elbow

    John Guest PushFit Quarter Inch Elbow

    1/4'' elbow for plastic tubing

    £5.99 in stock


  • PI0208S - John Guest T

    John Guest PI0208S PushFit - Quarter Inch T Piece

    1/4'' T piece for plastic tubing

  • John Guest Pushfit Tap Adapter Quarter inch x Half inch

    John Guest Pushfit Tap Adapter Quarter inch x Half inch

    1/4'' Pushfit x 1/2'' BSPF Tap Adaptor

    £5.99 in stock


  • 15mm Compression Fitting

    15mm Compression Fitting

    15mm Tee Fitting with John Guest Adaptor

    £18.99 in stock


  • Saddle Valve

    Saddle Valve

    Self piercing saddle valve for 1/4 inch tubing to 15mm water pipe

    £16.95 in stock


  • 22mm Double Check Valve

    Double Check Valve 22mm

    22mm Brass Double Check Valve

    £15.99 in stock


  • No Image

    Installation Fitting Kit

    Fitting components for Moby Installations

  • Filter Housing Key Wrench Spanner

    Filter Housing Spanner

    Spanner (or key) for 2.5'' and 4.5'' Filter Housings - check description for dimensions

    £5.99 in stock


  • Red and Blue Tubing

    Oyster-Pearl Tubing Set

    Quarter Inch Tubing Set

    £5.00 in stock


  • Shutoff Valve John Guest PPSV040808W

    Shutoff Valve - John Guest 0.25'' Pushfit

    Isolation valve for quarter inch tubing - PPSV040808W

    £6.00 in stock


  • Mur-lok Pushfit O0420416

    Mur-lok Pushfit O0420416

    Quarter inch tube x Quarter inch Male NPTF

    £5.99 in stock


  • Bracket for Big Blue Full Flow Filter Housing

    Mounting bracket for 4.5 inch filter housing

    Bracket for all single Moby filters (includes screws and washers)

    £23.99 in stock


  • White Filter Housing Bracket

    Single white housing bracket

    For 10 x 2.5 inch cartridge housings (includes screws and washers)

    £9.99 in stock


  • Pearl T housing - no cartridge

    Pearl Housing with ports

    Pearl Housing with fitted ports (no cartridge)

    £19.95 in stock


  • Hot Water Booster Pump

    Hot Water Booster Pump

    This undersink hot water booster pump will boost your hot water up to 2.0 bar.

    £162.99 in stock


  • 15mm Double Check Valve

    Double Check Valve 15mm

    Brass 15mm double check valve for your plumbing needs.

    £7.99 in stock


  • 15mm to Half Inch BSP with Isolator

    15mm to half inch Flexi with Isolator

    15mm compression to 1/2 inch flexi connector with integrated isolator

    £8.99 in stock


  • Big Blue Full Flow Water Filter Housing with Brass Ports

    Big Blue Housing with Brass Ports

    Full Flow Housing with fitted 1/2'' or 3/4'' ports

    £94.99 in stock


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