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Doulton Rio 2000 Water Filter System

Install our Doulton Rio 2000 0.5 micron water filter system on any private water supply to remove bacteria and other biological contamination.



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You would install our Doulton Rio 2000 water filter system on any private water supply when you want to get rid of bacteria and other biological contamination such as E-coli and other coliforms, and don't want to or can't use an ultra violet (UV) water filter.

Whilst the Doulton Rio 2000 is predominantly for private water supplies you can also install this filter on mains water if you ever get advice from your water company about needing to boil your water before drinking, or you want finer filtration. In this instance the Moby Rio would be fitted into the cold water tap feed for a kitchen sink; for drinking water only.

You do need decent water pressure of 2 bar or above to enjoy the benefits of our Doulton Rio 2000. 

The Doulton Rio 2000 requires no electricity and is therefore a cost effective alternative to a UV water filter.

It's an undersink water filter and when fitting allow for a minimum of H 38cm x W 30cm x D 18cm.

The Doulton sterasyl ceramic cartridges are scrubbable with a brush, which is supplied as part of this kit. When the flow rate drops because of fouling, take the cartridges out and scrub them with the brush. Bacteria growth on the candles is likely to be minimal with regular cleaning and six monthly candles replacement. 

If your water is clear after installing the Doulton Rio 2000, you probably do not need pre-filtration. We suggest you proceed with the Moby Rio only and add a pre-filter later if you find that you are having to clean the cartridges too frequently. If your water is discoloured or not clear, then you will need to pre-filter. At 0.5micron nominal to 0.9 micron absolute; the 6 sterasyls will foul very quickly.

**We wouldn't recommend a single Moby Rio for a whole house application due to the restricted water delivery/flow rate. The solution to the problem depends on the number of people and taps, baths/showers, lavatories and white goods in the household. Bearing this in mind, for a whole house bacteria treatment system we would suggest that an UV system would be more effective.** 

Please call us on 01352 838 281 to chat over your requirements.

Your kit will include:

  • 1 x big blue filter housing
  • 1 x white housing bracket
  • 1 x Doulton Rio 2000 multi-candle filter module (W9381000)
  • Either 1/2 for 15mm or 3/4 for 22mm posts
  • Isolating flexis (no need for extra ball valves)
  • 1 x double check valve
  • 1 x housing spanner
  • Fitting instructions for your plumber

Cartridge details:

  • W9381000 Doulton Rio 2000 multi-candle filter module comprising of 6 bespoke Sterasyl candles which are 1.2 wide x 8 long.
  • Filtration rating (Absolute) defined as >99.99% - 0.9 microns
  • Filtration rating (Nominal) defined as >99.9% - 0.5 to 0.8 microns
  • High flow, compact filtration for the home and light commercial applications
  • Filters out Pathogenic bacteria (E-coli, Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonella, etc), Cysts (Cryptosporidium, Giardia, etc), Sub micron particle contamination and Turbidity
  • Offers a superior flow rate of up to 400 gallons (1500 litres) per hour at 4 bar of pressure. This is dependent on water quality and fittings used.
  • Replacement cartridges are £83.99 without the carousel and £114.99 with the carousel.

Do you have to install a mains water filter under the sink?

No, you don't. You can install your mains water filter wherever the cold water supply enters your house. This could be a utility room, garage, or other location. 


* Watts components are sometimes replaced with other similar quality items due to supply chain issues. Brassware and other plumbing accessories are sourced from UK suppliers.RIO 2000 is a Doulton product.

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