Drinking Water Filters

How does this sound?

You turn on your kitchen tap and pour yourself a refreshing glass of fresh filtered water.   

Clean and healthy drinking water that you can take out of the house with you so you don’t have to waste money by buying expensive bottled water and then have the inconvenience of having to get rid of all those plastic bottles.  

Choose from our fantastic selection of easy to install drinking water filters to remove impurities that you’ve decided you don't want in your water.  

For advice on any of our drinking water filters, call us on 01352 838 281. If you'd prefer us to call you - Request a Callback

Our drinking water filter systems come with a choice of taps which fit onto your kitchen sink, or if you prefer you can upgrade to one of our modern and stylish 3 way water filter taps which combine your hot, cold and filtered water into one unit.

You don’t need to spend another pound on expensive bottled water.

If you're after RO systems take a look at our Reverse Osmosis products.


  • Pearl T drinking water filter kit

    Pearl-T Drinking Water Filter

    Remove chlorine and sediments and improve the taste and odour of your drinking water.

    £74.99 in stock


  • Pearl H water softener filter kit

    Pearl-H Drinking Water Filter

    Tired of scale and rust build up in your kitchen appliances? Our Pearl H drinking water filter will sort all that out for you.

    £84.99 in stock


  • Pearl M Lead and heavy metals drinking water filter kit

    Pearl-M Drinking Water Filter

    Extremely effective water filter that uses a combination of GAC and KDF to remove lead, other heavy metals and so much more.

    £89.99 in stock


  • Pearl B bacteria drinking water filter kit

    Pearl-B Drinking Water Filter

    High performance water filter system that improves the taste and odour of your water and removes chlorine, sediment and bacteria.

    £94.99 in stock


  • Pearl-DSC - Doulton Supercarb Drinking Water Filter Kit

    Pearl-DSC - Doulton Supercarb Drinking Water Filter Kit

    Our Pearl DSC will help YOU feel confident that your drinking water is healthy and free from contaminants.

    £126.99 in stock


  • Pearl DUC Doulton UltraCarb Water Filter Kit

    Pearl-DUC - Doulton Ultracarb Drinking Water Filter

    Eco friendly and highly efficient drinking water filter that will give you clear, fresh drinking water.

    £132.99 in stock


  • Inline Filter Kit

    Pearl Mini Drinking Water Filter

    High performance inline water filter that's ideal for limited space. Filters out chlorine, improves taste and reduces odour - optional scale reduction. Includes filter tap (unless otherwise selected)

    £54.99 in stock


  • Oyster TC taste and chemical water filter kit

    Oyster-TC Drinking Water Filter

    Filter out chemicals, lead and other heavy metals as well as chlorine and sediments.

    £114.99 in stock


  • Oyster TF taste and fluoride water filter system

    Oyster-TF Fluoride Drinking Water Filter

    This filter kit is perfect if you are concerned about fluoride levels in your water and want to remove it from your drinking water.

    £129.99 in stock


  • Oyster TMF Drinking Water Filter

    Oyster TMF Drinking Water Filter

    How to remove fluoride from water - it's easy with an Oyster TFM fluoride/Metal filter. Includes filter tap and 1 cartridge set (unless otherwise selected).

    £139.99 in stock


  • Oyster TBC taste and bacteria water filter kit

    Oyster-TBC Drinking Water Filter

    A system that filters our chlorine, sediments, chemicals and bacteria from your drinking water.

    £129.99 in stock


  • Doulton HIS-Push Fit Water Filter

    Doulton HIS-Push Fit - Stainless Steel

    High quality under sink water filter kit

    £209.99 in stock


  • ECO-3 Water Filter

    ECO-3 Drinking Water Filter

    Dramatically improving your water is our top priority.

    £38.99 in stock


Choosing a drinking water filter

  • Probably the most important job for you to do if you're thinking of an under sink water filter system is to find out what's currently in your drinking water so you can figure out what you want to remove and whether a drinking water filter is the right product for you. If you live in the UK, you should contact your local water company in the first instance where they should be able to give you some advice and test your drinking water if necessary. They'll also be able to provide you with a summary of the overall water quality in your area and you shouldn't have to pay for any of this information.
  • If for some reason your local water company doesn't play ball and you don't get the information that you are looking for, your next port of call should be the Drinking Water Inspectorate [DWI]. They can look into your query/complaint on your behalf, but please be patient with them!
  • Research the market to find out what types of domestic water filters there are. We're only too happy to chat to you about water and drinking water filters. We've successfully solved many problems for our customers and they've left us some lovely feedback. If in doubt give us a call or request a callback. Select the drinking water filter that suits your financial situation, lifestyle and filtering needs.

What are the benefits of a drinking water filter?

  • Have it 'on tap'. When you've committed to drink more water, you may as well have it 'on tap' so that you and your family can reap the benefits and enjoy filtered water 24/7, without the hassle of having to run to the shops to buy expensive bottled water. Trust us when we say that installing a drinking water filter is the most convenient and cost effective way.
  • Your food will taste better. Why wash your fruit, vegetables, meat and fish in water that could be contaminated. Prepare food with filtered water that you have 'on tap' and you'll notice the difference in taste. Think about it for a second or two; if you can smell chlorine in your water, it's going to have an impact on that wonderful dish you're creating.
  • Scum; be gone! What goes through your head when you make that much deserved cup of tea and it's got a layer of scum floating on the top of it? If you live in a hard water area this is a pretty standard occurence. Good news is that you can filter the limescale out of your water. And your kettle won't fur up either when you install our hardness drinking water filter.
  • Water is vital for healthy skin and weightloss. If you don't drink enough water your body will hold onto water weight causing fluid retention. Often when we feel hungry it can be a sign of thirst also - so instead of reaching for food, drink first and then if you're still hungry then have some food. I know plain water can sometimes be a bit drab so why not liven it up with some of the following ideas:
    Filtered water with fresh mint, squeezed lime and ice (tastes like a mojito!)
    Filtered water with strawberries and basil
    Filtered water with ground ginger powder, apple cyder vinegar and a touch of stevia (this is one of my faves...great for digestion also as apple cyder vinegar stimulates stomach acid production as well as having so many other health benefits)
    Crushed berries with filtered water and ice

And then there's the financial benefits...

  • YOU'LL SAVE MONEY! Depending on the number of people in your household, a water filter cartridge can last up to 12 months and with the cheapest drinking water filter priced at £64.99 [Pearl T], this is significantly cheaper than buying bottled water from your local supermarket. We've had a quick look at some of the cheapest bottled water available in the supermarkets and worked out how much it will cost you per day, week, month and year to drink this. Our figures are based on an individual drinking the recommended 2 litres of water per day. Remember, that there's often more than one person in a household so multiply the annual figure to get your true household cost!


Product Per Day Per Week Per Month Per Year 2 person household
Tesco Everyday Value £0.17 £1.19 £5.15 £61.80 £123.60
Asda Smart Price £0.17 £1.19 £5.15 £61.80 £123.60
Morrisons Yorkshire Vale Still Spring £0.44 £3.08 £13.35 £160.00 £320.00
Sainsbury's Table Water £0.20 £1.40 £6.07 £72.84 £145.68


  • LESS RECYCLING - You won't have to put all those plastic bottles out for recycling, so less hassle for you; and if you don't recycle then less goes to landfill!

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