Fluoride Filters

  • Oyster TF taste and fluoride water filter system

    Oyster Fluoride Water Filter

    For fluoride free water in the UK choose our Oyster fluoride water filter.

    £143.99 in stock


  • Moby TF fluoride filter for cold water tap

    Moby TF cold water tap filter - better taste and fluoride filtration

    Taste and fluoride filtration - with installation kit.

    £319.99 in stock


  • Moby TMF

    Moby TMF - Taste, Fluoride and Metals Filtration

    Taste, Fluoride and metals filtration - with installation kit.

    £388.99 in stock



Fluoridation is the term used to describe the dosing of water supplies to bring the fluoride level up to 1mg/l as a public health measure intended to prevent tooth decay. The maximum permitted value of fluoride in drinking water is 1.5mg/l [milligrammes per litre].


In England, the decision to fluoridate your water supply is made by your local authority. When deciding whether to fluoridate a local authority must carry out a public consultation exercise. The law only permits a water company to fluoridate under a contract with Public Health England. The water company has to be consulted about the technical feasibility of any proposed scheme. In Wales, health decisions about fluoridation are taken by the Welsh Government.


Water companies are only permitted to use specified fluoridation chemicals in accordance with European standards. These standards specify purity levels and producers are not permitted to sell chemicals unless these purity criteria are met.


Fluoride is naturally present at low levels in most drinking water in England and Wales.


If you wish to drink and use fluoride free water, you can! We have a range of fluoride filters to suit your exact requirements.


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West Midlands Against Fluoridation subjected the Oyster TF to independent testing - see the correspondence here.

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