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Hot Water Booster Pump

Increase your hot water pressure up to 2.0 bar with a hot water booster pump. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.



Product SKU: 98950218

UPC/EAN: 5712604106464


How do I increase hot water pressure in my house?

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. We usually get them much quicker but it depends on how quickly stock is coming into the UK. 

With this hot water booster pump.

You can install our positive head hot water booster pump under your kitchen sink and it connects directly, via two 22mm push-fit flexible hoses, to your hot water supply.

When the lever on the tap is opened the hot water booster pump automatically energises and increases your hot water pressure, giving improved water flow and allowing customers with a gravity/low pressure system to use a high pressure tap.

This hot water booster pump is reasonably quiet and very compact, and has been specifically designed to increase water pressure to a household's hot water supply. The quiet AC induction motor is smooth and reliable, and the regenerative design of impeller is ideal for overcoming air pockets that can be generated in a shower system.

Place on a noise dampening rubber mat to reduce any noise. 

This type of hot water booster pump is ideal where the plumbing route includes multiple bends and elbows.

Our hot water booster pump has been manufactured in Denmark and will boost your hot water up to 2.0 bar.

The outlet pipe has a built-in flow switch which activates the pump when it detects water flow, and deactivates the pump when the flow stops.

The flow switch requires a minimum of 0.5 litres flow per minute to operate. Two 22mm push-fit flexible hoses are included.

It has a compact design, low running noise and includes anti-vibration feet.

The pump can either be wired directly into a fused spur or you can plug in the 1.4m lead like a dishwasher.

** Hot water should be NO hotter than 65°C when using this pump. If your water is hotter than 65°C and the pump fails, we would not be able to offer a refund. **

*** Must not be connected directly to mains water supply.***

Is the hot water booster pump compatible with 15mm pipes?

Yes it is. Just use 22mm⇒15mm reducers. These are available at most good DIY stores such as Toolstation.


  • Continuously rated pump
  • Regenerative impeller design
  • IPX2 water ingress protection
  • Auto-resetting thermal cut out
  • Anti-vibration feet
  • Mains connection lead - 1.5m long
  • Braided connection hoses with 22mm push-fit connections
  • WRAS compliant

Technical Data

Brand Grundfos
Model number 98950218
Supply voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 280 W
Rated current 1.2 A
Rating Continuous operation (recommended minimum flow rate: 5 l/min
Enclosure class IPX2 (when mounted on a horizontal surface)
Motor AC induction
Inlet head (min - max) 1 to 10 m
Max developed pump head 20 m
Max pump flow rate 14 l/min
Minimum starting flow 0.5 l/min
Length 185mm
Width 150mm
Height 165mm
Weight 4.0kg
Noise level 55 to 65 dB (A) @ 1m
Warranty 1 year


What if my hot water booster pump starts making a whining noise?

There may be some air bubbles in your pump. 

Here's what you need to do.

  • Turn off your pump.
  • Connect a hose to the outlet tap and put it outside to drain (through window or door). It needs to drain below where the pump is situated. 
  • Turn the hot tap on and run water for 5 minutes
  • Turn off the tap
  • Wait at least 20 minutes
  • Turn the tap back on and run for 5 minutes
  • Turn off the tap
  • Wait at least 20 minutes
  • Re-power the pump, refit head and turn on the tap to test. 
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