Oyster-TF Fluoride Drinking Water Filter

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This filter kit is perfect if you are concerned about fluoride levels in your water and want to remove it from your drinking water.






Our Oyster-TF drinking water filter is a perfect choice if you are concerned about fluoride levels in your water and you want to reduce them.

All water supplies in the UK contain some fluoride. We either receive water which has had its level of fluoride adjusted, or has a natural fluoride content of around 1 milligram per litre.

Click on the link to find out what level of fluoride your water contains. Is my water fluoridated?

You can mount this filter either under your sink or on a bench top.

The housing dimensions are 34H x 26W x 13D (volume occupied in cm).

Your kit will include:

  • 2 x white filter housings.
  • 1 x dual white housing bracket.
  • 1 x 5 micron activated carbon block cartridge (CTO 2510-05) for chlorine, taste, odour and sediment.
  • 1 x 20 micron activated alumina cartridge (CF-AA-IMP) for fluoride reduction. Can also reduce levels of hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide.
  • A choice of 5 taps, or you can choose the 'no tap' option.
  • Either a self-piercing saddle valve or a 15mm compression valve.
  • Red and Blue tubing (2 metres of each).
  • 1 x housing spanner.
  • DIY instructions - no need for a plumber.

Cartridge details:

CTO 2510-05 (chlorine, taste, odour, sediment, chemicals)

  • 2.5 x 10"
  • 5 micron
  • 6,000 gallons/27,000 litres @ 1.0gpm or 12 months; whichever comes first.
  • Certified NSF/ANSI standard 42 NSF
  • Certified by ISO 9001
  • Performance tested and verified by independent lab testing

CF-AA-IMP (Fluoride reduction)

  • 2.5 x 10"
  • 20 micron
  • Activated Alumina
  • 1,900 litres
  • Flow rate - 0.1-2.0 gpm
  • Reduction ability - 10ppm to <0.2ppm

The replacement cartridge set for the Oyster-TF is £49.99 and we send out email reminders.

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Best water filter ever, 10 Feb 2014

By (Rugeley, UK)

I have had a water filter since 2004 but the filters became quite expensive due to having to change them every 2 to 3 months. I thought I would try the Oyster TF filter which is two filters combined, one to filter the fluoride and the other filters out chlorine, sediment and much much more. I am so glad that I did, the water tastes so good, much better than the filter I was using before, and also these filters last around 6 months or more so I can use the filtered water for drinking and even cooking, in fact almost everything.

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