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Q. Why am I here?

A. If you're seeing this page then you are either not logged in, or you do not have an account with Fountain Filters.

Q. What does this mean?

A. If you have a trade account with Fountain Filters you are able to log in to the website and buy water filtration products in box quantities at trade prices.


What to do next.

Click on the logo or follow this link to go to the Fountain Filters home page.


If you're a water industry professional and want to buy box quantities from us please get in touch on our helpdesk.


Fountain Filters is an internet based business that helps residential customers solve problems with their water supply.

You can contact us to ask questions about any issues you're having. We're happy to receive phone calls and talk through what those issues are, what you want to improve about your water, and what the solution is likely to be for your specific requirements and situation.

Over the years we've found that most problems can be resolved fairly easily with one of our existing filter kits.

However, that's not always the case, so we're happy to work with you to find a solution that's a bit out of the ordinary.

We are great problem solvers, and the solutions are not always arrived at by fitting filters that we sell.

It all depends on what you need, not what we want to give you.



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