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What is a 3 way tap?

Often called mixer taps, tri-flow taps, water filter taps, three way taps or 3 way kitchen taps.

Essentially, a 3 way tap allows you to enjoy unfiltered and filtered water from the same tap.

This saves you from have to install a separate tap on your kitchen sink for filtered water. 

It's a much more efficient way of doing it and we think it makes your kitchen sink look way less cluttered. 

Triflow taps come with 2 levers; one for hot and cold and the other for filtered water.

3 lever taps have a lever for each type of water - hot, cold and filtered. 

Do I need a 3 way tap when I buy an undersink water filter?

No, but see above!

What are the benefits of 3 way taps?

Our drinking water filters come with a choice of single lever taps, which you'll see on each water filter product page. You can select the 'no tap' option and instead purchase a 3 way tap to compliment your new drinking water filters.

Installing 3 way taps is convenient, economical and environmentally friendly. They also look great in your kitchen.

3 way taps are convenient because you don't have to keep buying and carrying home expensive bottled water from the supermarket or remembering to fill up your jug filter. Yes, even the cheapest bottled water is more expensive than the water that comes out of your filter tap at home! You and your family can therefore have fantastic tasting water all year round.

3 way taps are economical. It's recommended that we should drink 2 litres of water a day as it’s crucial to our overall health and well-being. That could prove expensive if you're purchasing bottled water. How many times have you bought expensive bottled water, drank half of it and left the other half somewhere, such as your bag, back seat of your car or desk? And then when you do have a tidy up, you throw it out! That's not only a waste of water but it’s another plastic bottle that has to be thrown away or recycled.

If you live in a hard water area and choose to buy our hardness filter, the reduced limescale content of your filtered water will mean that your cookware, kettles and coffee makers won't get all furred up, which means they're more likely to last longer and run more efficiently.

3 way taps are environmentally friendly. Just think of how many plastic bottles you won't have to buy and throw away. When you install one of our taps you'll dramatically reduce the amount of household waste you accumulate. You can fill a hard wearing plastic bottle time after time with your own filtered water; doing your bit to save the planet!

You might save money on car fuel as filtering your own water may reduce the number of times you visit the supermarket. And, your refrigerator doesn't have to work hard to keep your bottled water cool thereby reducing household equipment running costs!

Are 3 way taps easy to install?

YES, our 3 way taps are easy to install. Each tap is delivered with fitting instructions and on each of our tap product pages you'll find an exploded diagram which gives dimensions and a clear picture of how all the component parts fit together, making installation even easier. Remember that we're just at the end of the telephone if you get stuck! We also sell replacement parts for many 3 way taps.

Your 3 way tap shouldn't take up any more room on your kitchen sink than a standard single lever tap. The water filter housing is usually installed under the sink and doesn't take up excessive amounts of space. You need to leave enough room to loosen the housing when you want to replace the filter cartridge.

Filtered water improves the taste of food and drinks

When you cook with filtered water it can help improve the overall taste of whatever you're preparing. So, if you want better tasting vegetables, pasta and fish for example, install a water filter kit from Fountain-Filters. This is especially true if you live in a hard water area as increased levels of lime impact negatively on the taste of cooked food. The Pearl-H is the filter for you if this is the case.

You'll know whether or not you live in a hard water area as your cups of tea will have an ugly scum lying on top of them! 

At Fountain Filters we only supply high quality 3 way taps. Beware of the cheap 3 way taps out there. If you put one of our 3 way taps alongside the cheap ones you'd notice a difference in weight, quality of finish, flexibility of the levers and much more. Our 3 way taps also come with a decent 2-5 year guarantee depending on which tap you go for. 

Our 3 way taps are compatible with our full range of drinking water filters.  

Understanding your Water Pressure before buying a 3 Way Tap

Understanding your home’s water pressure will help you when it comes to choosing your 3 way tap. 

As tempting as it is you'll be disappointed when your tap arrives and ends up not delivering your water the way you'd expected. 

The type of water system you have will determine your choice of kitchen tap.

If you fit a 3 way tap that requires a high-pressure system, and your home has a low-pressure system, then you will have a very low hot water flow rate which isn't ideal. A way around this would be to install a hot water booster pump. We've had a few customers in this situation.

If you have a low-pressure water system, then you will need to choose a 3 way tap that's designed to work at a low pressure to ensure a steady flow of water.

A high-pressure system will work with any 3 way tap, so you benefit from have a much bigger choice.

Low pressure systems – (also known as gravity fed systems) have a cold-water tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder elsewhere (most likely in an airing cupboard). You'll need to choose a 3 way tap that’s designed to work with a low-pressure system.

High pressure vented system – this means your home will have a combination boiler, which is most likely to be fitted to the wall in the kitchen. 
They'll be no cold or hot water storage tank. Combi boilers are fed directly with mains pressure cold water, which is quickly heated and pumped around your home. If you have this kind of system, then you can choose any 3 way tap.

High pressure unvented system – this is where you’ll have a hot water tank but no cold-water tank. 
The water is stored at mains pressure in a hot water tank and is heated by immersion heaters, that are attached to the side of the tank or a central heating boiler usually located in an airing cupboard. Most 3 way taps can be used with this system.


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