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0 Canned Water is Expensive

I've just been reading a very interesting article on The Grocer website.


Did you know that canned water sales have tripled to more than £5M.


It's true that aluminium is a recyclable alternative to single use plastic, but it still requires an industrial process to melt that aluminium and turn it back into a can (or something else) again. We also have to rely on people actually recycling it.


But have you seen the price of canned water?


My jaw almost hit the floor.


I know that the cans look fancy and it might be the biggest 'thing' at the moment to be seen walking around with your cans of water, or having them neatly faced out in your office or board room fridge - but seriously, they are so expensive.


Let's compare buying canned water to the price of installing your own drinking water filter, and filtering your own tap water then pouring it into your reusable water bottle.


I've done just that in the table below.


As an aside - that's another market that's exploded - reusable bottles. You just have to walk into shops these days and you can choose from a huge array of beautiful designs.


You could refill the resealable cans of water which is great, but where do you refill them and what with? Your own household tap water perhaps?


Or refill them from one of the many water refill stations across the UK. Did you know that the number of free water refill stations across the UK increased from 1,500 in January 2018 to more than 20,000 in June 2019.


Have we learnt nothing?


Has canned water become just another fashionable, expensive and short lived gimmick?

Leading canned water brand Price £ per litre Pearl T drinking water filter (12 month cartridge life / 15,138 litres) £ per litre Every 12 months thereafter (replacement cartridge £14.99)
 24 x 330ml still (ring pull)  £18.49 £2.33 £94.99 0.0063 0.0010
 24 x 330ml sparkling (ring pull) £18.96 £2.39 £94.99 0.0063 0.0010
 12 x 500ml still (re-sealable) £14.40 £2.40 £94.99 0.0063 0.0010
 12 x 500ml sparkling (re-sealable) £14.40 £2.40 £94.99 0.0063  0.0010
 24 x 330ml still (re-sealable) £19.99 £2.52 £94.99 0.0063 0.0010
 24 x 330ml sparkling (re-sealable)  £21.36 £2.70 £94.99 0.0063 0.0010

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