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In early July we received a message via our Help Desk system.

"I'm hoping you can help. I'm about to embark on a move to a remote house totally off grid. I'm still in the early stages but a basic test from the single water tap entering the 400 year old farmhouse is showing some bacteria levels. We are being fed from a well that has not been operating for some 40 years. The bottom line is that I have 3 young kids and the thought of contaminated water isn't an option. I'm on a hugely tight budget of, well frankly bugger all."

"So can you provide some filtration suggestions at all? I know its cheeky asking but any form of donations, discounts and help is basically going to be key to our success in this. I'm very happy to give massive promo on our social media channels as these start to gain momentum. Cheers for the time."

We don't receive many requests like this, so we were intrigued and wanted to chat further to understand how this family were seeking to change their lives by moving to an off grid lifestyle.

It's definitely not a small job and requires 100% commitment and high levels of motivation. Not for the faint hearted.

After a few messages back and forth and an assurance that they wouldn't approach multiple water filtration companies we quickly established what they needed to ensure safe drinking water in the short term prior to installing a larger more complex system as their re-development took shape.

We gifted them a system to suit their current needs and were delighted to do so.

It was our privilege to help them and we're now following their journey with interest and excitement. I've also joined a Facebook group about Off-Grid living. You never know, one day my husband and I may be tempted to do just the same!

If you're interested in following their journey then look them up on Facebook

Update on their journey with pictures to follow.

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