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About Fountain Filters: Kits

Fountain Filters was originally set up in 2003 by Robert Bagley, a professional water engineer of many years experience and expertise.


Robert was passionate about the need for properly treated water so designed a number of revolutionary water filtration systems for a variety of common drinking water requirements; he then manufactured them specifically for domestic household water supplies.


The service was backed up with replacement filter supplies and six monthly reminders to ensure all customers water supplies were kept as pure and clean as possible as well as complying with the relevant legislation.


Today the same standard of service continues; however, the supply of undersink water filtration kits is managed through a dedicated website, Fountain Filters: Kits, and replacement cartridges are available from the original Fountain Filters website: www.fountainfilters.co.uk.


This division enables us to provide a continuation of the service following Robert's death in 2011.


Fountain Filters is managed by Sylvia Bagley who worked with Robert from the inception of the business.


Fountain Filters: Kits is managed by Simon Allen and Louise Boyes. Simon assisted Robert in setting up the original website and has been involved in it's continuing operation ever since.

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