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Enter the number of litres of bottled water you drink a week:

I drink litres of bottled water a week!
That costs me:

• £0.00 Tesco own brand/week and £0.00/year!
• £0.00 Evian water/week and £0.00/year!
• £0.00 Smart Water/week and £0.00/year!
• £0.00 Highland Spring/week and £0.00/year!
• £0.00 Buxton/week and £0.00/year!
• £0.00 Volvic/week and £0.00/year!

The cost per litre of water from a Fountain Filters Pearl T filter is only £0.001. Which would be 0.00 a year.

However, because the filter cartridge should be replaced every 12 months, the actual cost is £17.99 so you'd pay £inf per litre.

If you had a Pearl T from Fountain Filters you would save £-17.99 a year. We've based the savings on Evian which remains the No.1 seller in the UK.


Get Rid Of Those Plastic Bottles Once And For All

Do you have a problem with single use plastic?

By using our calculator above you can see just how much you're spending on bottled water each year.  

We've had to base the saving on a particular brand, so we chose Evian which remains the No.1 seller in the UK. 

The financial saving is based on the price of maintaining your water filter. It doesn't include the initial purchase of the water filter system, which for a Pearl T (with basic tap) is £98.99. That's still cheaper than a one year supply of Evian water. 

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Comparison based on Tesco prices 17th June 2021.

The UK population drinks a lot of bottled water - see the chart for 2018 below:

UK Bottled Water Consumption Statistics

Source: Statistica

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