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Your support for our small business really does mean the world to us.

If there is anything you think we've done really well, or anything we could do better, then please tell us. We truly want to know.

Your feedback helps us improve our customer service, expand our product range and update the information on our website.

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We look forward to reading your comments.

Q. What do you do with the comments that people leave?

A. It depends what the comment or review says. If it's one telling us that everything is fine and good then we like to thank the person who left that comment and carry on, doing more of what our customers tell us we're doing right.

If it's a comment that tells us we could do better then we take it seriously and look at what the issues may be. For example, in the past we've had customers tell us of leaks developing in the joint between the housings on duplex units. The first thing we did in that instance was to solve that problem with a repair or replacement.

Then we looked at our manufacturing process, and also our quality assurance.

Having gone through that we improve the manufacturing to remove the problem, testing to ensure the same issue isn't recurring, and once we're satisfied that the problem has been resolved we adopt that new method.

Sometimes it's altering the components in our products, other times it can be just how we build the units.

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