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Installing a water purification system is an excellent alternative to reverse osmosis, with many environmental, cost, and maintenance advantages.

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  • Doby Water Purifier water filter system

    Doby Water Purifier

    Mains water purifier for whole house (up to 4 bed) - 4.5x20 inch



  • Moby Water Purifier water filter system

    Moby Water Purifier

    Water purifier for kitchen cold tap



  • Oyster Water Purifier

    Oyster Water Purifier

    Water purification system for your drinking water - includes drinking water filter tap.



  • Oyster Triple Water Purifier

    Oyster Triple Water Purifier

    Water purifier for drinking water also removes Fluoride - includes single flow filter tap



  • Oyster GO Triple Water Purifier

    Oyster GO Triple Water Purifier

    Drinking water purification for graphene oxide, fluoride, and other chemicals




Purifying Water

According to Wikipedia "Water purification means the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids, and gases from water. The goal is to produce water that is fit for specific purposes."

For most people it means something more specific, usually removing traces of chemicals that are left in the water after water treatment processes have been carried out. Or removing the chemicals that have been used to disinfect micro organisms, such as chlorine, and public health intiatives such as fluoride.

Water Filtration System

Residential water purifiers come in many shapes and sizes - and, of course, price tags.

In most cases it's best to install the simplest purification system for water that you can. That makes them generally lower in cost, require less maintenance, and fewer cartridge changes.

A simple water filtration system is also likely to be more environmentally friendly because there is no reliance on electric pumps or adding chemicals into the water.

Water Treatment Process

Sometimes, solving one problem can lead to causing another.

A good example of this is fitting a water softener; hard ions like calcium carbonate are removed, however sodium is introduced to the water. As we all know now, reducing sodium intake is a crucial part of reducing blood pressure and improving heart heath.

Water treatment processes in the public supply often includes using ultra violet to kill microorganisms that can cause severe illness. Smaller domestic size units are available for private water supplies, however, if you're on mains water you don't need to fit a UV water filter - you'd just be duplicating what's already been done.

As you can see, purifying water needn't be difficult, but you need to have a good idea of what you want to achieve. Ask yourself what you want to improve about your water before spending any money.

Have a look at the guide here.

Filtration Methods

Now that you've done that it's worth looking at what water purification systems are available, and what might suit you best.

The Doby Water Purifier is suitable for whole house with 3 or 4 bedrooms.

The Moby Water Purifier is a smaller water purifier for either the cold pipe that goes to the cold tap in your kitchen, or it can be used for a 2 bedroom flat, apartment, or small house.

The Oyster Water Purifier gives water purification for a separate single flow tap to give you drinking water.

Each of those is a 2 stage purification system for water that removes chemicals, including chlorine, hormones, endocrine disruptors, PAHs, VOCs, bacteria, chromium IV, colloids, cysts, endotoxins, ferric iron,

lead, particulates, poysaccharides (TEP), silica, nano and micro plastics.

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