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Oyster Water Purifier

Water purification system for your drinking water - includes drinking water filter tap.






So you're looking for a water purifier.

No doubt you've seen reverse osmosis sytems, ultra violet sanitisers, and filters that are claimed to give you water as pure as an angel's tears.

What is Pure Water?

Just like the bewildering array of water treatment systems you've already found, there are differing ideas about what pure water actually is.

Many people want to buy a filter that takes everything out and just leaves the H2O.

While that may be great for car batteries, there are minerals in drinking water that are vital for health.

A strict definition of "purified water" is that it is water with impurities removed.

A better, more healthy definition may be water that has had the unwanted impurities taken out.

What's the Solution?

The Oyster Water Purifier does just that in two stages.

First, chemicals that make your water taste and smell bitter and unpleasant, such as chlorine, are removed.

Along with nitrates, endocrine disruptors, certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and many others.

The second stage is a sub micron pleated filter from Argonide. The NanoCeram® cartridge is a 0.2 micron high capacity electropositive filter medium that removes and reduces a whole spectrum of impurities and contaminants.

What does the Filter System Remove?

Lots of things, so let's also compare other systems while we're at it:

Contaminants NanoCeram Carbon
RO NF UF MF Particulate
Chemical Reduction            
Chromium VI            
Dissolved Salts              
Ferric Iron            
Polysaccharides (TEP)      
Trace Pharmaceuticals          
RO= Reverse Osmosis, NL = Nanofiltration, UF = Ultrafiltration, MF = Microfiltration  

As you can see from the table above the combination of carbon block and NanoCeram covers just about everything you'd want to remove, while also leaving health critical things your body requires.

What are the Dissolved Salts?

Dissolved salts that are retained includes calcium in carbonate form. If you've looked at the newer models of reverse osmosis (RO) systems you'll have seen that many of them now have an extra stage that adds calcium carbonate back into the filtered water. And then there's magnesium removed by RO too...

If it's desirable to have those minerals in the water why remove it in the first place?! By now, you may be seeing that over purifying water is not necessarily a good thing to do for your health.

You may also have noticed that this water purifier does not take out iodine. Did you know that there's an iodine deficiency problem in the UK? This is especially true of pregnant women, according to Independent Nurse, who need it for the proper neurological development of their babies. As it's vital for health it's best to leave it in your water.

Is this Better than Reverse Osmosis?

Unlike RO systems with 5 or more cartridges to replace regularly (between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the item) it's a unlikely that you'll need to replace the 2 cartridges more than annually, although this does depend on the volume of water your houshold uses.

There's also no waste water at all, and no electricity supply required to make the system work.

Installation is simple - unfiltered water goes in on one side and filtered water comes out of the other - no need for a drain. And once it's fitted, you can carry out the filter cartridge change over yourself.

All in all this water purifier is the smartest way to get the highly improved water quality you want.

* Occasionally Watts components may be replaced with other high quality items as a result of unexpected supply chain issues. This does not affect the quality of the product or its function. Brassware and other plumbing accessories are sourced from UK suppliers.

** Many but not all VOCs are removed with carbon filtration.

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