Improve the taste of your water; filter it.

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What are the benefits of filtering your water?

It's all down to personal choice. You know how you want your water to taste and it's comforting to know that if you don't like the taste of your water or what's in it that you have the option to improve it by installing a water filter. Problems that you have with your water can be solved and we're here to help.

Installing a water filtration system isn't difficult and it means that you can enjoy filtered water that tastes and smells great and is free of any one of the following (depending on your personal choice): chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria, limescale and much more.

The quality of your water can be impaired in several ways, with coliforms, yeasts, viruses, nitrates, lead, legionella; to name but a few. It is highly unlikely that your water will contain any of these substances, unless you live in a house with lead pipes! However, if you have a private water supply it's possible that your water may be impaired, which is why it's so important to have your water tested so that you can take preventative action to remove any risk of infection.

Why buy your water filter from us?

Fountain Filters are your one stop online shop for your drinking water requirements. We will discuss and offer the best and most cost effective solutions for all of your water problems and water filter needs, likes and dislikes; whether you have a private water supply or mains water. Our wide range of water filters and water filter taps will give you the water that you want and deserve. Prices start from as little as £65.99; and delivery is free within the UK.

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Why is water good for you?

Water; the gift of life, and most of us don't drink nearly enough! It's a well known fact that detoxing with water will help cleanse your body and promote good health. Drinking water or potable water (from the Latin word potabilis meaning drinkable) is water that meets established drinking water standards and is deemed safe enough to be consumed by humans or used with low risk of immediate or long term harm. Your water contains a number of substances, most of which are perfectly harmless. Click Here to download our free report for information about some of the substances that may be present in your water.

Extract from Sort Your Brain Out by Dr Jack Lewis & Adrian Webster "Did you also know that water improves your brain's performance; so start every single day by rehydrating your brain. Believe it or not your brain is 73% water. The efficiency with which it can send electrical messages around the 100,000 miles of brain wires is compromised when you are dehydrated. The trouble is you wake up slightly dehydrated every single day. How do you know this? Well, if you managed to survive the night then you can't have stopped breathing. The reason that breathing is absolutely vital when it comes to staying alive is because this is the only way you can get oxygen into your body and carbon dioxide out. In order for your lungs to get these gases moving in and out of your bloodstream successfully they must be moist. But that means that upon every exhalation, we release a little bit of water vapour. This of course happens all day and night, but during the daytime we replace the lost water whenever hunger or thirst motivates us to eat or drink. During the night there are fewer, if any, opportunities to replace this lost water; and so by morning time there is inevitably an imbalance to correct.

Remove Osmosis or RO Systems

You've probably come across a reverse osmosis or RO system when searching the internet for filtration of water ideas in your home. Click here to look at our reverse osmosis page where we discuss the pros and cons of reverse osmosis systems and where ro water is generally used.