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Oyster GO Triple Water Purifier

Drinking water purification for graphene oxide, fluoride, and other chemicals



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There's varying opinion about whether fluoride is good or bad for you, and the latest thing that's beginning to concern some people is the presence of graphene oxide (GO) in public water supplies.

GO is not, as far as we can find, added to water, but is used as a filter medium in the disinfection, sanitation, and treatment of water by some water supply companies in the UK.

We aren't going to discuss the rights or wrongs of that here, but what we will do is introduce you to our Oyster GO Triple Water Purifier.

This filter has three stages that address these contentious substances.

The first stage is a fluoride filter. Fluoride exists in water naturally in trace amounts, and artificially added fluoride is also only in tiny amounts. This stage removes around 93% of the fluoride present.

Stage 2 is a high quality, thick wall carbon block that adsorbs chlorine, hormones, nitrates, PAHs, VOCs, endocrine disruptors, trace pharmaceuticals, micro plastics, sediment, among other things.

The final stage is a wonderful new invention called DEAL® from Argonide. This broad spectrum filter cartridge removes and reduces many things, but specifically 99.99999% of bacteria and viruses, and reduces soluble lead from 150 ppb down to 7 ppb. The thing that makes DEAL® incredibly special is that it also removes graphene oxide.

DEAL® has been developed for the US nuclear industry for the protection of personnel in the event of a terrorist/enemy attack on a nuclear facility. Cleaning of the water supply is critical in this situation to ensure the uninterrupted safe operation of these facilities. GO at very high levels was used to test the DEAL®. Exhaustive testing showed that the new filter medium adsorbs over 95% of the graphene oxide.

See the extract from the US Patent document.

In addition, DEAL® and Argonide's NanoCeram® filters are effective in removing PCBs, PFOA, and PFOS contamination.

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