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About Our Water Filters



Long Life, Wide Spectrum Undersink Water Filters - Brief Details & Prices.


Designed for easy DIY installation, no plumbing skills required (sketch at the foot of this page).

Scroll down to the filters then click for bigger pictures and details.


Across the UK water quality differs as does peoples' needs.

We have a selection of models because your water filtration should be targetted to your water (we will be pleased to help). For example:

If you do not have lead pipework you do not need to filter for heavy metals

If your water is not fluoridated or you have no issue with fluoride then you do not need to filter for it.

All these Water Filters deal with problems common to us all being taste and odour, Chlorine, Sediments,
Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs - eg pesticides, herbicides), Chloramines,
Trihalomethanes (THMs - carcinogenic chlorine disinfection byproducts).
Hormones (eg oestrogen), endocrine disruptors and pharmaceutical residues.
Abbreviated to TOCS

Please see below.




Prices are for complete systems including cartridge(s) & the All Polished Chrome Tap rotatable spout - ceramic valved with a life time non-drip guarantee - but you have the option to deduct this tap and pick your own filtered water tap.

Just click anywhere on the filter model name and description for a bigger picture, more detail and the tap options.




The Fountain Filters Pearl Models

TOCS The High Performance PEARL-T model. 5 micron Activated Carbon Block Cartridge. 9,000 litres cartridge life.

HARDNESS + TOCS The PEARL-H model at, 5 micron Activated Carbon Block cartridge with phosphate hard water media. 7,000 litres cartridge life.

But, hardness has no taste and odour issues and is caused by calcium & a liitle magnesium both of which are essential elements.

LEAD & Other Heavy Metals + TOCS. The PEARL-M model at, GAC/KDF cartridge. 9,000 litres cartridge.  - Only if you still have lead pipework.

BACTERIA + CYSTS + TOCS The PEARL-B model at, 0.5 micron MAXVOC-975 cartridge. Bacteria performance is better than 99% for E.Coli, Campylobacter & cysts (eg cryptosporidium, giardia). 7,000 litres cartridge life.


A good rule of thumb, to include food preparation & cooking, is to allow at least 3,000 litres per adult + 1,500 per child per year.

If you have a larger household, say 4 adults or more, or you want to take out fluoride, please scroll down to the Oyster models just below.

We make the Pearls above and Oyster models below using industry standard housings and cartridges. If you need to change your filtration in the future, you can just change the cartridge type. Also, Simplex Pearls can be converted to Duplex Oysters by just adding a second housing.




The Fountain Filters Duplex Oyster Models

FLUORIDE + TOCS. The OYSTER-TF model at, TOCS and Fluoride duplex water filter. 7,000 litres cartridge life.

Your health authority can tell you if your water is fluoridated - most areas are not

LONG LIFE TOCS. The OYSTER-TC model at £109.90, Ideal for the larger household. 17,000 litres cartridge life.

LONG LIFE, BACTERIA + CYSTS + TOCS. The OYSTER-TBC model at £123.90. Bacteria performance better than 99% for Campylobacter, E.coli and Cysts (eg Cryptosporidium, Giardia). 16,000 litres cartridge life.

All the Water Filters deal with taste and odour,Chlorine, Sediments,

Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs - eg pesticides, herbicides), Chloramines,

Trihalomethanes (THMs - carcinogenic chlorine disinfection byproducts).

Hormones (eg oestrogen), endocrine disruptors and pharmaceutical residues. Abbreviated to




With the Pearl and Oyster models, we have addressed most people's concerns but you can have any filter cartridge combination you want - we have over 30 different types of standard and special media cartridges.

For example, you might want to also deal with Lead, say, as well as Fluoride with your OYSTER-TF.

If the above combinations are inadequate for you, please contact us with your requirements.


If you are looking for Silver impregnated self-sterilising Ceramic Cartridges with an Activated Carbon Block core to cover just about all eventualites. We incorporate the Doultontm imperial Ultracarbtm washable cartridges in the Pearl Ultra Models.

Click the links for details of the Pearl DUC (inc Doulton Ultracarb cartridge).

Priced from £147.98 for the complete system or less if you already have a tap.

These are very popular with those who have bought other brands of 3 way triple flow taps that have very small cartridges indeed. These Pearls have more than twice the life at 3,750.




Not sure what you need, confused even? Please don't be. We are here to help, just contact us for advice on the phone 0845 688 7199 or visit our contact page.


It really is as easy as the sketch with the duplex models being just as easy because we supply them as assembled modules.



All Filters are supplied totally complete with components to international water filter standards and specifications and fully comply with the "Water Regulations" for England and Wales.


This assures you of quality and means you can always find spares and replacement cartridges. The water connector is a bolt-on self-piercing 'saddle valve' which also acts as an isolation and flow control valve with an internal non-return/check valve as required by the Water Regulations.


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