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Doulton Ultracarb Lead Removal Short Mount

The ceramic shell has an activated carbon block insert containing lead removal media. Removes particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, chlorine and organics.



Product SKU: W9123006

UPC/EAN: 822355000333


The ceramic shell of the Doulton Ultracarb short mount (W9123006) is fitted with an activated carbon block insert containing lead removal media.

It's benefits include: removal of particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts; with additional chlorine, organics and lead removal capabilities.

This cartridge is not compatible with Franke housings.

It should be used in a pressure system. Not suitable for gravity filters.

Filtration rating (Absolute) 0.9 micron
Bacteria - E-Coli, Cholera, Shigella, Typhoid, Kiebsiella Terrigena Y (>99.99%)
Cyst - Cryptosporidium, Glardla Y
Particles Y
Chlorine Y (>96%)
Trace organics - Insecticides (Lindane), Herbicides (Atrazine(, Phenols (TCP), Pholyaromatic Hydrocarbons / Trihalomethane (Chloroform) Y
Enhanced Organics - Benzene / Atrazine / Lindane N
Heavy Metals - Lead Y (>98.7%)
Capacity 2,300- litres / 836 gallons
Typical unrestricted flow rate at 3 bar pressure 3.3- litres per minute
Range BSP Short 3/4 threaded mount
BioTect� protected ceramic microfilter Y
Activated carbon Block
Sub-micron particulate filtration Y
Turbidity reduction Y
Working pressure Min - 10psi / Max - 125psi
Working parameters

Temperature - 5-30�C

pH range - 5.5-9.5

Suitable for gravity filters N
Quality approval NSF / WRAS
Recommended change frequency 6 months

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