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Doulton water filter cartridges are made from the finest natural materials. As water flows through the Doulton microporous ceramic shell, particles of dirt remain on the surface of the cartridge. This happens because the doulton water filter cartridges are designed so that water flows from the outside to the inside.


A Doulton cartridge is both anti-bacterial and microbiological. The ceramic candles have an anti-bacterial matrix built into the ceramic mix which inhibits the growth of bacterial on the filter. They also benefit from a sealing mechanism which gives unrivalled microbiological protection.


Doulton water filter cartridges are excellent value for money. They have a scrubabble surface that can be cleaned over and over. As soon as you notice a drop in your flow rate, it's time to pull them out and give them a clean. This will restore water flow and you'll get much longer use out of your filter. 


They're good for the environment as well. Instead of buying expensive bottled water and generating a load of plastic bottles in the process, which have to go somewhere; install a doulton water filter system. It's a lot cheaper, a heck of a lot greener and you have fresh filtered water on tap!


When it comes to replacing your cartridge, did you know that you can crush your old cartridge onto your garden and it will act as a soil enhancer.


We have ceramic filter candles in 1 grade; the Ultracarb. If you've previously seen the SuperCarb this has now been discontinued.


These both go into one of our Pearl white housings and they both filter out pathogenic bacteria, cryptosporidium, giardia etc, particles down to 0.5 microns (rust etc), chlorine (improve taste and odour), organics. The only difference between the two is that the ultracarb also filters out heavy metals (primarily lead).


We also have the Moby Rio. This filter uses the Sterasyl ceramic cartridge, which is highly effective against particulate contaminants, pathogenic bacteria and cysts, etc.


If you need any help at all when choosing a Doulton water filter system, please call us on 01352 838 281.

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