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Ecosoft 5 Stage Pumped Reverse Osmosis System

Ecosoft Standard 5 Stage RO System, pumped



Product SKU: MO550PECOUK



Ecosoft reverse osmosis system perfect for low water pressure.

Osmosis is a natural process that occurs in every living organism. Domestic reverse osmosis systems harness the efficiency and natural ingenuity of reverse osmosis technology.
This Ecosoft filter contains a Filmtec membrane produced by Dow Water and Process Solutions. Over 200 000 000 Litres of water is purified by Filmtec membranes throughout the world in just one day.
Three Ecosoft pre-filters remove a range of noxious impurities from water supplied to the RO membrane.
This helps to protect the membrane and ensure a long life of your personal drinking water source.

This RO 5-50 P reverse osmosis filter includes a pump make it ideal if you have low water pressure.

Model No. RO 5-50 P
Number of Treatment Stages 5
Main Pressure 0.5 to 6 Bar
7 to 90 PSI
Capacity 190 litres per day
50 gallons per day
Pre-filters Melt-blown polypropylene cartridge,
extruded activated carbon block cartridge
Post-filter Coconut shell granular activated carbon


Ecosoft RO 5-50


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