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We get asked this question a lot - "Do we need to filter for heavy metals?"

Our answer is "Only if you live in an older house that still has lead pipework."

Lead in water is usually only associated with old buildings where the Victorian piping hasn't been replaced with modern copper or plastic. Lead is hazardous to health, however, if you run the taps for a few minutes before drinking it then the water that's been standing in the pipes that has lead dissolved in it drains away.

Remembering to always let that water stand could be a problem which is why so many people choose to install one of our drinking water filters that will remove heavy metals including lead. 

If you need any help or advice about whether you should invest in a heavy metals drinking water filter then please call us on 01352 838 281, or send us a message through our help desk

  • Pearl M Lead and heavy metals drinking water filter kit

    Pearl-M Drinking Water Filter

    Extremely effective water filter that uses a combination of GAC and KDF to remove lead, other heavy metals and so much more.



  • Pearl DUC Doulton UltraCarb Water Filter Kit

    Pearl Ultracarb Doulton Water Filter

    Eco friendly and highly efficient Doulton water filter giving you lead free fresh drinking water.



  • Oyster TMF Drinking Water Filter

    Oyster Heavy Metals and Fluoride Drinking Water Filter

    The perfect drinking water filter if you're concerned about fluoride and heavy metals in your tap water.



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