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John Guest Pushfit PI010822S

Quarter inch tube x Quarter inch Male NPTF Straight Adaptor.



Product SKU: PI010822S



This high quality John Guest fitting (PI010822S) is a fast and secure way to connect tubes to your water filter housing.

The John Guest straight adaptor NPTF Thread 1/4" x 1/4" have quality and performance approvals from leading testing authorities.

To connect your tubing:

  • Cut the tube square and remove any burrs or sharp edges. The outside surface of the tubing should be free of any score marks.
  • Push the tubing into the fitting until you can't push it in any further.
  • Pull on the tubing to check that it's secure.
  • Test the system before use.

To disconnect your tubing:

  • De-pressurise your system.
  • Push the collet square against the fitting and with the collet held in this position pull the tubing out.

The reason why the tubing locks into place so quicky and efficiently is all to do with the John Guest collet locking system. This system holds the tubing firmly in place without deforming it or restricting any flow.

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