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Moby OneFlow Hard Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

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Solve your scale problems with our OneFlow cartridge.

If your water is harder than 25 grains (427 ppm CaCO3) then OneFlow may not be suitable for you. Check with your local water supplier who will be able to tell you what the hardness measurement is. 

Please note that a TDS meter may give you a higher reading but it's measuring all total dissolved solids and not just CaCO3. This is another reason to contact your local water supplier.

Cartridge details:

  • Watts canister containing 500ml of A8210 OneFlow anti-scale media / 4.5 x 10"
  • Chemical free scale prevention and protection - converts hardness minerals to harmless, inactive microscopic crystals.
  • Virtually maintenance free - just replace your OneFlow cartridge every 1-2 years.
  • No control valve, no electricity and no wastewater.
  • OneFlow is not a water softener. It does not add chemicals into your water or remove the beneficial minerals. 

Why do I need to change the o-ring?

You can tell if the seals start leaking, which is obvious, I know.

Even if there are no leaks you may find that the profile of the O ring becomes flattened because of prolonged time under compression. The cross section should be round and if it's not it may not seal easily.

However, I recommend that you replace the O rings every two or three years as a precautionary measure.

One of the main reasons for changing O rings periodically is that as they age and compress, the housing bowl needs to be tightened excessively. That leads to difficulty loosening the bowl from the cap next time the cartridge needs to be replaced.

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