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Replacement Media for OFRES Hard Water Filters

Buy the correct quantity of OneFlow replacement media for your Ofres hard water filter. Free UK standard delivery.



Product SKU: WWQ-OFRES-0935RM



Your OFRES tank-based hard water filter system will require replacement OneFlow anti-scale media every two to three years. 

For the OFRES-0835 you'll require 2 litres of OneFlow anti-scale media.

For the OFRES-0935 you'll require 3 litres of OneFlow anti-scale media.

For the OFRES-1035 you'll require 4 litres of OneFlow anti-scale media.

This is loose media and will come to you in a sealed bag. 

If your water is harder than 25 grains (427 ppm CaCO3) then OneFlow may not be suitable for you. Check with your local water supplier who will be able to tell you what the hardness measurement is. 

Please note that a TDS meter may give you a higher reading but it's measuring all total dissolved solids and not just CaCO3. This is another reason to contact your local water supplier.

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