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Replacement Scale Centurion, NeutraCalc, & ScaleStop TAC media - OneFlow from Watts



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Scale Centurion™, NeutraCalc™, ScaleStop™, OneFlow™;  Template Assisted Crystalisation media (TAC media) is known by lots of different names.

But what you may not realise is that it is, by and large, exactly the same stuff made by the same manufacturer.

For example, Watts supplies OneFlow to the companies who sell it as NeutraCalc™ and also Scale Centurion™.

Watts manufactures TAC media in a number of locations in the USA and Europe, we are Watts main Product Partner in the UK.

That means that when you need to buy replacements for your salt free scale treatment system you have plenty of options.

Lower Cost

Most of the filter systems use canisters or cartridges that are refillable. All you need to do is undo the base or cap, pour out the old media, and then replace it with the new loose media you've bought.

Easier Method

Alternatively, you can buy a filled canister and dispose of the old one in your recycling - although you should empty the old media out first. This is a more expensive, but less messy method of replacing your TAC media.

How Do You Know How Much TAC Media to Order?

If you've got one of Watts' OFRES systems it will tell you how many litres you'll need.

However, no matter how hard you search on Google you won't find out the volumes for replacement cartridges.

But here you're going to be let into a trade secret!

Here's a list of cartridge sizes and their corresponding fill volumes:

  • 2.5" x 10" cartridge - 250ml media
  • 2.5" x 20" cartridge - 500ml media
  • 4.5" x 10" cartridge - 500ml media
  • 4.5" x 20" cartridge - 1 litre media
  • 4.5" x 20" HiFlow cartridge - 1.5 litres media

Using that list and refilling your old cartridges will save you money - up to £30 for the biggest one, depending on where you buy it.

It Doesn't Seem Full

Once you've got your new TAC Media cartridge, or refilled your existing canister, you may wonder why it's only a third full.

This is correct, when fitted into the filter system and the water flow is restored the cartridge fills with water and the TAC media gets to work.

As the water enters the cartridge it starts to circulate, picking up the TAC media so that it swirls around.

This allows maximum contact between the dissolved minerals and the TAC media by greatly increasing the surface area of the media allowing it to react efficiently.

If there was no space within the cartridge vessel then the media wouldn't be able to circulate, and therefore, there would be a very little opportunity for the TAC media to do its work.

Why Buy Replacement TAC Media from Fountain Filters

As mentioned previously, Fountain Filters is a Watts Product Partner.

That means that there's no rebranding and the price can be kept as competitive as possible - something everyone is looking for currently.


Scale Centurion™ is a trademark of UK Water Filters Ltd, NeutraCalc™ is a trademark of Pollet Water Group, ScaleStop™ is a trademark of Next Filtration, OneFlow™ is a Watts product.


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