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Would you like a constant supply of filtered and chilled water in your home or office?

Our high quality undersink water chiller is ideal for any home or office where space is limited or you just don't want a water dispenser in sight. It's popular, easy to install and easy to use.

Dispensing up to 15 litres of chilled water every hour which equates to about 75 small glasses.

What's even better with having a water chiller in your home or office is that you don't have to fill your fridge with unnecessary plastic bottles of water that keep on running out or not been finished. How annoying is it when people only drink half of the bottle and the rest gets tipped down the sink. 

How big is a water chiller system for home use?

Our water chiller system is 40.5cm high, 26cm wide and has a depth of 23.5cm. It weighs 14kg.

Are water chiller systems noisy?

Our water chiller comes in at less than 70DB.

Does the water chiller system come with a water filter?

Yes it does. It comes with an inline water filter. 1 micron carbon block with polyphosphate crystals for scale prevention. Life span of 6 to 12 months/6,000 litres. Recyclable, eco friendly, high quality filtration and cost effective. NSF approved.

If you don't wish the inline water filter you can choose a different drinking water filter based on your own individual needs.


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