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Atlas RQ41 Replacement Quartz Sleeve

Replacement quartz sleeve RQ41 for the Atlas L41 UV water filter.



Product SKU: Atlas RQ41



This is the replacement quartz sleeve RQ41 for the Atlas L41 UV water filter. 

We recommend changing the UV quartz sleeve every 2 years. 

It may last longer but this will dependent on the quality of your water and the maintenance of your UV water filter.

When you're due to change your UV lamp (every 12 months), drain the system down and have a look at the quartz sleeve. 

You can remove any build-up on the outside with a scouring pad and alkaline based cleaner if it's very stuck on. 

This will make the newly installed UV lamp more effective and help your UV quartz sleeve to remain unsoiled and last longer.

Please be very careful with the quartz sleeves as they are fragile. You can touch the glass but don't insert back in at an angle as any tension on the sleeve may result in it breaking. 

The sleeve looks the same at both ends so you can't put them in the wrong way around.

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