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ECO-3 Drinking Water Filter

Cartridge only



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Buy the replacement cartridge for ECO 3 Drinking Water Filter with Scale Inhibitor.

What's in it for you?

  • EASY - Simple twist and unlock system with auto shut off valve for quick dry cartridge change. Special 360° pivot rotary plate enables installation in awkward positions. Easy to fit. Installation instructions enclosed.
  • UNIQUE - The cartridge is sealed in a patented high tech 4 layer FDA grade protective sleeve, meaning there can be no contact with the filter media, ensuring no contamination on replacement. ECO-ADVANTAGE - Active ceramics are naturally occuring. Remaining ceramic product can be scattered in the garden for improved soil drainage and plant growth.
  • SECURE - Security eye which can be secured with cable tie by engineer or home owner to prevent tampering.
  • HEALTHY - 0.5 NSF carbon block removes Class 1 particulates, chlorine, cysts, pesticides, insecticides, detergents and other toxins. Drinking water free from chlorine and other contaminants is better for you and your family's health.
  • TECHNOLOGY - Polyphosphate crystals inhibit scale formation in drinking water applications. Polyphosphates are a naturally occuring oil which sequesters the calcium and magnesium ions and applies a coating. With this method the particles leave the filter, but the polyphosphates prevent the limescale from forming.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL - When the filter is ready for replacing, remove the carbon insides and recycle the remaining parts in a responsible manner.
  • LIFE SPAN - 6 months or 5,500 litres.

Flow rate: 3 litres/minute

Maximum pressure: 7 bar/100psi. To reduce the risk of property damage due to water leakage you must read and follow installation and use instructions before installation and use of this product. A PRV [pressure reducing valve] must be installed prior to any filter where water pressure is known to climb above 100psi/7 bar.

Warning: Meant for filtering potable water only. Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.

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