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HiFlow Mains Water Filter

Up to 35 litres per minute for larger properties of 5 or more bedrooms



Product SKU: PRAA353



This Fountain Filters HiFlow Mains Water Filter is ideal for larger houses where even the Doby can't quite cope with the flow rate required.

It removes chlorine and other chemicals, such as PAHs, VOCs, nitrates, hormones, as well as sediment and other particulates.

It is a perfect companion for pretreating water for the Doby OneFlow HiFlow and OFRES-0835 limescale prevention systems.

The CLACK® control valve incorporates a backwash system that cleans out the filter media periodically. The benefit of this is that you'll only need to replenish the media every 3 to 4 years.

Your filter will include:

  • 1 12'' x 52'' mineral tank
  • 1 riser tube with bottom distributor attached
  • 1 top basket
  • 1 WS1 Clack 1” CI filter valve (5 button) with internal meter OR
  • 1 Clack 1” by-pass valve assembly
  • 2 Clack 1” male BSP adaptors
  • 1 Clack valve wrench
  • 1 length of drain line no drain line if fitted with 1” drain connection
  • Pyrolox, Filter AG media, pH media
  • Underbed gravel
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