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Quartz Sleeve for Luminor Blackcomb LB5-153

Replacement quartz sleeve RQ-999 for the Luminor LB5-153 series UV water treatment system.



Product SKU: RQ-999

UPC/EAN: 880027010509


Genuine Luminor replacement quartz sleeve (RQ-999) for the Luminor LB5-153 series UV water treatment system.

Internal diameter: 20mm

External diameter: 22.5mm

Length: 1,046mm

Weight: 0.2kg

How do I replace the Quartz Sleeve in my Luminor UV System?

Gently remove the quartz sleeve from its packaging being careful not to touch the length with your hands. We recommend wearing cotton gloves for this procedure as oils from your hands can leave residue on the sleeve which can ultimately block the UV light from getting to the water.

Carefully slide the sleeve into the reactor until you can feel it hit the opposite end of the reactor. Align the sleeve so it centered along the length of the reactor, then gently push it in to lock it into the internal centering springs in the far side of the reactor.

CAUTION: Pushing too hard when the sleeve is not aligned can damage the centering springs. Slide the o-ring onto the sleeve until it is butted up against the reactor.

Hand tighten the provided gland nut over the quartz sleeve onto the threaded end of the reactor. It has a positive stop to prevent over-tightening. A firm force may be required to fully tighten the gland nut, but DO NOT USE TOOLS for this step. Insert the provided stainless steel compression spring into the quartz sleeve.

See Luminor's video for guidance.

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