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Watts UV Quartz Sleeve 8GPM

Replacement quartz sleeve for Watts WUV8-230.



Product SKU: PWUVQS8

UPC/EAN: 098268562149


This is a replacement quartz sleeve for the Watts UV disinfection system WUV8-230.

Quartz sleeves are easy to replace and you should do this every two years.

You must have a pre-filter installed with a minimum of 5 micron filtration and the reason for this is that any sediment in your water will coat the inside of the UV systems quartz sleeve making the UV ineffective and your water unsafe.

You can purchase this on it's own or with a lamp. Please see PWUVBULB8 if you'd like a quartz sleve/lamp combo.

30 Litres per minute UV System.


  • Well water
  • Homes
  • Water Systems
  • Aquaculture
  • Food Service
  • Water coolers
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems

Replacing your UV lamp and servicing your UV system

Handle the quartz sleeve and lamp by the ends only. Avoid touching the sides.

  1. Disconnect power.
  2. Turn your water off and open valve downstream of system to relieve pressure.
  3. Remove the vinyl cap and unscrew the nut.
  4. Pull out lamp about 2" from the chamber.
  5. While holding lamp carefully remove lamp socket on exposed end.
  6. Pull lamp from chamber.
  7. Remove O ring from the end of the quartz sleeve.
  8. Remove quartz sleeve.
  9. To fit a new quartz sleeve/lamp follow steps 8 to 1 in reverse.


To get the best out of your UV system we recommend the following:

  • The quartz sleeve should be cleaned with glass cleaner every 6-12 months. Replace after 24 months.
  • Replace your lamp every 8,000-9,000 hours of operation (approximately 12 months of continuous service).

UV lamps and quartz sleeves are delicate and therefore easily damaged. So, be really careful when you're removing and replacing them.

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