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We stock a good range of UV water filter spares and UV water filter replacement bulbs and sleeves.

The brands we supply UV water filter spares for are Luminor, Atlas and Watts.

If you're unsure about what UV water filter spares you need then please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling 01352 838 281 or send us a message HERE.

  • Luminor Blackcomb LB5 /  LB6 Ballast

    Replacement Ballast For LB5 and LB6

    Fits the LB5 and LB6 UV water treatment systems.



  • Atlas ACL Ballast

    Atlas ACL Ballast

    Controller for all L series UV systems




    Electronic Ballast for UV Lamps

    Replacement power supply for Watts ultraviolet systems 6-12GPM.



  • Luminor Blackcomb Gland Nut

    Luminor Blackcomb Gland Nut

    Suitable for UVO3 units



  • Luminor Blackcomb UV Water Filter Parts Kit

    Luminor Blackcomb Parts Kit

    Includes Bracket, Gland Nut, O Ring, and Sleeve Spring



  • Luminor Blackcomb Sleeve Spring

    Luminor Blackcomb Sleeve Spring

    Replacement sleeve spring to properly align the UV lamp in the UV sleeve.



We also stock replacement lamps and sleeves for Luminor, Atlas and Watts UV systems. Take a look HERE

Call us on 01352 838 281 or send us a message via our helpdesk HERE.

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