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Quartz Sleeve for Luminor Blackcomb LB5-203

Replacement Quartz Sleeve RQ-850 for the LB5-203 UV water filter.



Product SKU: RQ850



Replacement quartz sleeve (RQ-850) for the Luminor LB5-203 series UV water treatment system.

Internal diameter - 20mm

External diameter - 22.5mm

Length - 900mm

Weight - 0.2kg

Replacing the UV quartz sleeve in your UV water treatment system

  • Gently remove the quartz sleeve from it's packaging being careful not to touch the length with your hands. We recommend wearing soft, clean cotton gloves as the natural oil from your hands can leave a film of residue on the sleeve which could block the UV light from successfully treating your water. 
  • Slide the sleeve into the reactor until you feel it touch the opposite end. Gently push it in so that it locks into the internal centering springs in the far side of the reactor. 
  • Slide the o-ring onto the sleeve until it is butted against the reactor.
  • Hand tighten the provided gland nut over the quartz sleeve onto the threaded end of the reactor. It has a positive stop to prevent over tightening. Don't use tools to tighten it further as you could damage it. 
  • Insert the stainless steel compression spring into the quartz sleeve. This helps create a proper UV lamp alignment. Do not install the UV lamp into the quartz sleeve without the sleeve spring in place.

The reactor is now ready for water flow. If by any chance you get a leak - the most common cause is that the o-ring is not making a proper seal on the reactor. Review the above steps and try again. Alternatively, drain the reactor, remove and dry the o-ring and apply silicon grease. Re-install the o-ring ensuring that it's properly sealed against the reactor and check again for leaks. 

See Luminor's video for guidance.

Cleaning the quartz sleeve in your UV water treatment system

Depending on your water quality the quartz sleeve may need an annual clean. Here's the basic cleaning procedure:

1: If a by-pass assembly is installed, shut the inlet valve off to prevent water flow through the system. Otherwise, turn off main water inlet valve (and/or turn off the water pump).
2: Disconnect power cord of UV system from electrical outlet.
3: Release water pressure by opening a downstream tap and then close the outlet shut-off valve (if any). If there is no outlet shut-off valve, expect water to drain from the system as the head pressure in the system will cause the water to flow back down.
4: Remove the captive ground screw from the ground lug on the UV reactor.
5: Remove the lamp connector from the reactor (gland nut) by pushing the LUMI-loc connector in and turning it ¼ turn counter-clockwise. Disconnect the lamp connector from the lamp. CAUTION: the lamp may be hot!
6: Being careful to touch only the ceramic ends, remove the lamp out of the reactor.
7: Unscrew the gland nut from the reactor exposing the end of the quartz sleeve.
8: Remove the quartz sleeve and o-ring by gently twisting and pulling the quartz sleeve.
9: Using a soft, lint-free cloth or towel wipe the sleeve down using a commercial scale cleaner. This removes scaling or iron deposits that may be on the
outside of the quartz sleeve. Be careful not to get any moisture or liquids inside of the sleeve.
10: Dry the sleeve with separate cloth.
11: Replace the o-ring and slide the sleeve back into the reactor following the same steps you did when you installed the quartz sleeve into the reactor.

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