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Watch our short video below to discover what Simon and I do and why we love what we do. 

You're probably visiting us because you've got an issue with your water, or your 3 way tap is leaking...and you need spare parts. 

Or you fancy treating yourself to a new drinking water or mains water filter. 

Perhaps something is troubling you about the taste, the smell, or the colour of the water coming out of the taps in your home or office. 

Or maybe you've got a query about a drinking water filter or mains water filter that's already installed in your house and you want some information and don't know where to start looking.

The internet is a minefield of information and can be somewhat confusing. 

Whatever your reason for visiting Fountain Filters today...


We have your interests at heart and will do everything in our power to help you with the query that you have. 

That's why we get such good customer feedback; you really are at the centre of everything we do at Fountain Filters. 


We're always working on our website and are always listing new products; normally because one of our lovely customers has a very unusual problem and so we create a product especially for them that will solve their particular issue. 

Give us a call on 01352 838 281 or request a call back.

See you soon.

Simon & Lou

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