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  • 0 It Feels Good To Give A Helping Hand

    In early July we received a message via our Help Desk system. "I'm hoping you can help. I'm about to embark on a move to a remote house totally off grid. I'm still in the early stages but a basic test from the single water tap entering the 400 year old farmhouse is showing some bacteria levels. We are being fed from a well that has not been operating for some 40 years. The bottom line is that I have 3 young kids and the thought of contaminated water isn't an option. I'm on a hugely tight budget of, well frankly bugger all." "So can you provide some filtration suggestions at all? I know its cheeky asking but any form of donations, discounts and help is basically going to be key to our success in this. I'm very happy to give massive promo on our social media channels as these start to gain momentum. Cheers for the time." We don't receive many requests like this, so we were intrigued and wanted to chat further to understand how this family were seeking to change their lives by moving to an off grid lifestyle. It's definitely not a small job and requires 100% commitment and high levels of motivation. Not for the faint hearted. After a few messages back and forth and an assurance that they wouldn't approach multiple water filtration companies we quickly established what they needed to ensure safe drinking water in the short term prior to installing a larger more complex system as their re-development took shape. We gifted them a system to suit their current needs and were delighted to do so. It was our privilege to help them and we're now following their journey with interest and excitement. I've also joined a Facebook group about Off-Grid living. You never know, one day my husband and I may be tempted to do just the same! If you're interested in following their journey then look them up on Facebook Update on their journey with pictures to follow.

  • 0 Be Careful Who You Listen To

    Every six months we send our customers an email prompting them to look at whether or not they need to replace their water filter cartridge. On the 1st May 2020 one of our customers replied to that email saying "I now have an reverse osmosis system with another company but wish I had come to you. You were very kind so forgive my mistake. A friend’s husband was supplying them. The unit is great but I am uneasy with him when he services etc. Please stay safe and well and I will be in touch if I need you again but for now, please stop the emails and stay safe and well. With love and thanks" We could jump up and down, get red in the face and annoyed when this happens. But we never do. We just said "That is no problem at all. We were delighted to help you out. I'll unsubscribe you from our cartridge reminder list. Take care and thank you so much for your custom." What did confuse us about this one though was that she had ordered from us five times over the course of three years and didn't need a reverse osmosis system. Her average spend with us was £46.97. I can guarantee that she would have been convinced to install a system that she didn't' need and therefore spend way more than she ever needed to. This makes us sad. Simon spends a lot of time talking people out of spending unnecessary amounts of money. We work with our customers to find out exactly how they want to improve their water and tailor products to their needs. We don't rub our hands together and think 'how much can we squeeze out of this person'. That's the wrong way to excel at customer service. It gets better though... On the 16th August 2020 I received an email from this customer saying; "Hi there Louise. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well. I write with a radical question! I have an RO filter and when, recently, the man came to service it he was very rude and intimidating. You sell RO units and I wonder, does your company service them? I am pretty sure you couldn’t service one fitted by someone else but if I don’t ask I will never find out! Kind regards. You are doubtless busy getting by in this most difficult moment in time but, if you feel and are able to help this disloyal customer with a reply and perhaps a comment I will be most grateful." We've asked some questions to ascertain whether we can help her. We won't chase her - we'll just be here at the end of the phone or email when she needs us. And it's really spooky as when I was writing this blog another email has just come in from her. So please don't let yourself be talked into something. Do your research and trust your gut feeling.

  • 0 How to Sanitise your RO

    Sanitisation Steps: Tum off the cold water supply line to the RO system. If your system is connected to your refrigerator or icemaker, turn off the line going to the icemaker. Open the RO water system tap/faucet and drain all water from the system and storage tank. Once the system is empty be sure to place RO tap/faucet handle in the closed position. Open the pre-filter housing, which is typically the filter closest to the feed water line. Remove the pre-filter and discard if replacing with a new filter after sanitisation process. Leave the filter housing off. Remove all remaining filters and the reverse osmosis element (membrane). If you have an inline post filter on your system, leave the old filter in place. Discard old filters if installing new filters. Reconnect all empty housings to the system, except the pre-filter housing. There should be no filters in any housings at this point.  Add two or three tablespoons of bleach to the pre-filter housing (5.5% unscented bleach). Re-connect the pre-filter housing back onto the system. Tum on the cold water supply line for the system to fill with the sanitising solution. Check for any leaks. Allow system to fill with water. Time will vary depending on water pressure. However, the system should be full within 5-10 minutes without the filters or membrane installed. Turn on the RO tap/faucet until water begins to flow out, then turn off the faucet. Let the system sit for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, flush system by turning on the RO tap/faucet and let water run through the system for 5 minutes,or until bleach odour is gone. Turn off the cold water supply line. Turn on the RO faucet. Drain the system completely. Repeat this step twice After draining the system completely the second time, replace or re-install all filters and membrane. Turn on the cold water supply line and check for leaks. Allow the system several hours for the RO membrane to refill the storage tank.

  • 0 About Fountain Filters

    Watch our short video below to discover what Simon and I do and why we love what we do.  You're probably visiting us because you've got an issue with your water, or your 3 way tap is leaking...and you need spare parts.  Or you fancy treating yourself to a new drinking water or mains water filter.  Perhaps something is troubling you about the taste, the smell, or the colour of the water coming out of the taps in your home or office.  Or maybe you've got a query about a drinking water filter or mains water filter that's already installed in your house and you want some information and don't know where to start looking. The internet is a minefield of information and can be somewhat confusing.  Whatever your reason for visiting Fountain Filters today... HELLO! We have your interests at heart and will do everything in our power to help you with the query that you have.  That's why we get such good customer feedback; you really are at the centre of everything we do at Fountain Filters.  CUSTOMER REVIEWS We're always working on our website and are always listing new products; normally because one of our lovely customers has a very unusual problem and so we create a product especially for them that will solve their particular issue.  Give us a call on 01352 838 281 or request a call back. See you soon. Simon & Lou

  • 0 How to install a drinking water filter

    Our Pearl and Oyster drinking water filters are easy to install and we supply a set of fitting instructions when you purchase one of our water filters. There is no need for you to use a plumber. Our 'how to' video below shows you just how easy it is.  But we're also in the process of making other 'how to' installation videos that help demonstrate the steps involved when you install a water filter in your home. 

  • 0 1 hour and 38 minutes later...

    On the 12th June we received a Fountain Filters Help Desk message.  It was an interesting query which resulted in messages going back and forth over several days.  In a nutshell, this potential customer wanted a diagram of our Nero Verona 2 Lever Black Kitchen Mixer Tap.  They specifically wanted to know if they could replace the tap spout with a swivel spray nozzle / aerator.  This was possible. But... When they received the 3 way tap they searched high and low for a swivel aerator that would fit and they told us in no uncertain terms that the part they needed DID NOT EXIST.  Now there's a challenge.  When we hear this from our customers a light flicks on and we make it our mission to find what the customer is looking for.  Now, we didn't have to do this, but we go the extra mile to ensure our customers get a cracking service.  So we did some searching and found exactly what she was looking for.  It wasn't obvious, but when you've been in this industry for a while you sort of know what to look for.  1 hour and 38 minutes of help desk chat and £5.99 later we have one very happy customer with a 3 way tap that swivels!  Here's what she said... "Simon, you are absolutely right!!! It does swivel, it's just indeed very stiff. I now feel very embarrassed about doubting you - sorry!!! You are a hero, a legend - thank you so, so, so much for your help. I now have my gorgeous tap ready for the installation in two weeks! Thank you once again, you guys really do provide what is a definition of an excellent customer service! Well done and thank you again :)"  

  • 0 This month's HOT topic...

    We've re-written our Privacy Policy so it's more transparent than a freshly cleaned window.  Unless you've been living on Mars, you'll probably have an inbox stuffed full of emails about GDPR. So I'll make it super quick. No, it doesn't stand for Great Danes Pinch Radishes, as a bloke in my local suggested. GDPR means General Data Protection Regulation. It's an important new set of rules that come in today. They strengthen your rights to privacy under the law. Like most companies, we've given our Privacy Policy a little polish to make sure it lives up to the highest standards of GDPR. We've made it easy for you to find out... How we store and use your personal details. How long we keep them for, and how we keep them safe. Your rights to see, correct, destroy and do all sorts of other wonderful things to the info we hold about you. There's absolutely nothing you need to do. But if your idea of heaven is a cup of tea, a chocolate digestive and a riveting read through our shiny new Privacy Policy, it's here. Charles Dickens, eat your heart out. And hopefully, that's the last you'll ever hear from us about it. Cheers Lou x  

  • 0 When things go wrong...

    We are all human and despite our best intentions things don’t always run smoothly. In life and in business… Very recently we had three customers in a row that were all named Daniel. Two out of the three ordered a 3 way tap. We ask our supplier to deliver 3 way taps to our customers as it cuts out the middle man and saves our customers money. There’s also fewer miles traveled so it’s pretty good for the environment too. I’m sure you can guess what happened? And perhaps you’re curious to know how we resolved it… But firstly, it’s really important to understand that when things go wrong (and they do!) and customer service doesn’t run as smoothly as we’d like there are a couple of critical things we do… We don’t run and hide and blame others. We raise our hands in the air and take responsibility. Mistakes happen and we just don’t panic about it. As soon as a customer has told us that something has gone wrong, we work with them to sort it out. As long as they know that we’re doing something about it and keeping them updated, they’re more than happy to wait. If we keep them in the dark they don’t like it one bit. Do you?    So, in this recent bank holiday blip the wrong 3 way taps were delivered to the two Daniel’s. How did we fix the problem? Well, we got straight onto both Daniel’s and gave them two options… They could post the taps to each other and we’d refund the postage. Or… Ask our supplier to collect the taps and then deliver them again. Correctly this time! They chose option 1, which was our preferred option as it was quicker and cheaper. We also told our supplier what had happened and how we’d resolved it. And they’ll knock the postage costs off our next invoice. End result… Happy customers  Happy business owners         

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