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0 How to Sanitise your RO

Sanitisation Steps:

  1. Tum off the cold water supply line to the RO system.
  2. If your system is connected to your refrigerator or icemaker, turn off the line going to the icemaker.
  3. Open the RO water system tap/faucet and drain all water from the system and storage tank.
  4. Once the system is empty be sure to place RO tap/faucet handle in the closed position.
  5. Open the pre-filter housing, which is typically the filter closest to the feed water line. Remove the pre-filter and discard if replacing with a new filter after sanitisation process. Leave the filter housing off.
  6. Remove all remaining filters and the reverse osmosis element (membrane). If you have an inline post filter on your system, leave the old filter in place. Discard old filters if installing new filters.
  7. Reconnect all empty housings to the system, except the pre-filter housing. There should be no filters in any housings at this point.
  8.  Add two or three tablespoons of bleach to the pre-filter housing (5.5% unscented bleach).
  9. Re-connect the pre-filter housing back onto the system.
  10. Tum on the cold water supply line for the system to fill with the sanitising solution.
  11. Check for any leaks.
  12. Allow system to fill with water. Time will vary depending on water pressure. However, the system should be full within 5-10 minutes without the filters or membrane installed.
  13. Turn on the RO tap/faucet until water begins to flow out, then turn off the faucet.
  14. Let the system sit for at least 30 minutes.
  15. After 30 minutes, flush system by turning on the RO tap/faucet and let water run through the system for 5 minutes,or until bleach odour is gone.
  16. Turn off the cold water supply line. Turn on the RO faucet. Drain the system completely. Repeat this step twice
  17. After draining the system completely the second time, replace or re-install all filters and membrane.
  18. Turn on the cold water supply line and check for leaks.
  19. Allow the system several hours for the RO membrane to refill the storage tank.

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