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0 OneFlow Anti-Scale System FAQ

What is OneFlow?

OneFlow is an anti-scaling water treatment technology designed to protect plumbing components, pipes, fixtures, valves, fittings, hot tanks, etc. from the negative effects typically caused by water hardness. OneFlow is an environmentally friendly alternative to water softening or any other treatment device designed to address scale. OneFlow prevents scale by transforming dissolved hardness minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic crystal particles. These crystals stay suspended in the water and have a greatly reduced ability to react negatively and form scale compared to untreated hard water. 

How does OneFlow differ from a water softener?

OneFlow uses a specially designed media to convert the dissolved primary hardness mineral (calcium carbonate) into a relatively insoluble microscopic crystal so that it cannot cause harm downstream. A water softener, on the other hand, uses the principles of 'ion exchange' to remove calcium and magnesium ions from water while replacing them with sodium ions. A water softener requires a control valve, backwashing, drain line, regeneration and a brine tank to store salt while OneFlow requires nothing but an inlet and outlet connection. 

Does OneFlow remove the important minerals in water?

No. OneFlow preserves the beneficial mineral content while preventing the possible negative scale formation associated with these minerals. By rendering the hardness minerals harmless while still keeping them present, you truly get the best of both worlds. Other treatment methods fall short. In a 2005 report on Nutrients in Drinking Water, the World Health Organisation writes...

"We conclude that hard water is good because it contains nutrients valuable in themselves...To minimise heart disease risk, the ideal water should contain sufficient calcium and magnesium to be moderately hard."

What are some of the ideal applications for OneFlow?

Virtually any application where scale reduction or scale removal from water hardness is required or desirable. For example: hotels, restaurants, apartments, offices, boilers, irrigation systems, humidifiers, distillers, steam generators, solar heating systems, tankless water heaters, RO pre-treatment, misting systems, laundries, food service applications, are all ideal for a OneFlow system. 

How about other chemicals found in water, such as Fluoride and Chlorine. Does OneFlow remove them?

No. Please contact us if you want to remove these as well as reduce hardness. 

What factors may effect OneFlow's system performance?

Water chemistry and peak flow rate are the guidelines used to assure optimal system performance. Most mains water falls well within OneFlow's performance guidelines to ensure scale control results. Correct sizing of the system is important to ensure proper performance. However, OneFlow is more forgiving of flow variations and unplanned peaks than a conventional water softener. 

Does the media in a OneFlow system need to be replaced?

Yes. Filter housing based systems require cartridge replacement every 1-2 years. Systems should be installed with this in mind.  

Are there any application limitations to OneFlow?

Untreated well water may pose a limitation to OneFlow due to the unknown chemistry it often possesses. High hardness is never a problem for OneFlow, but with well water, hardness minerals are often accompanied by other contaminants with levels outside of our operating guidelines.

How easy is it to install a OneFlow system?

It's easy. Full instructions will be given with every order. 

What are the ongoing maintenance costs and considerations for OneFlow?

Other than the planned cartridge replacement, nothing else is required. 

Why is OneFlow a 'Green Technology'?

OneFlow saves water and energy in the following ways:

  • Reduces Energy Consumption - OneFlow uses no electricity and reduces energy consumption by keeping heat transfer surfaces free of energy-robbing scale formation.
  • Reduces chemical or raw material consumption - OneFlow requires no chemical or significant ongoing consumable (salt, as an example)
  • Reduces waste water discharge and water consumption - because OneFlow does not discharge or require backwashing it meets both objectives.
  • Reduces space requirements - OneFlow systems use approximately 75% less floor space than water softeners. 
  • Retains natures minerals in the water. The beneficial minerals, calcium and magnesium, are completely retained. 




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