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0 Single Use Plastic isn't Cheap; it Costs the Earth

Mars is the closest it's been to the earth for some time so it's highly visible in the night sky.


People are talking with great excitement about the possibility of visiting Mars and terraforming it.


But that's going to be really difficult and realistically how many people can travel to Mars?


It's only in the hundreds or thousands.


However, the world's population is busy turning the earth into the same sort of environment as Mars has now.


So, where are the remaining 7 billion people going to live?


We need to act now so our current world doesn't turn into Mars.


David Attenborough pointed out in his recently released documentary 'A Life on our Planet' that's it's our responsibility to look after our planet, before we destroy it.


My husband and I were in Costco the other day and we saw people loading their trolleys up with bottled water.


Have we learnt nothing?


Those single use plastic bottles require fossil fuels to make them - so it's not just the end product that's bad - it's the manufacturing process that goes before it.


Single use plastic isn't cheap; it costs the earth.


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