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0 PFAS or Forever Chemicals in Water

  • Health
  • by Louise Allen
  • 20-04-2022

PFAS Chemicals

We're been asked a lot of questions about PFAS Chemicals or Forever Chemicals as they're sometimes referred to.

These questions coincided with a BBC news article that was published on the 19th March 2022. You can read it here - Concern over toxic chemicals in tap water

Needless to say, that after doing a little digging on the internet, we found an overwhelming amount of information out there about PFAS chemicals and not all of it is that easy to understand. There was even a 2019 film called Dark Waters in 2019 where PFAS was a central theme. You may have watched this.

What we're most interested in at Fountain Filters is determining which of our water filter systems is going to be the most beneficial in reducing the level of PFAS chemicals in drinking water.

It's important to understand that the use of PFAS in everyday products is not new. They first came into common use in the 1950's.

What are PFAS or Forever Chemicals?

PFAS or Forever chemicals (Per - or poly-fluorinated alkyl substances) are a group of over 4,700 industrial chemicals used in everyday products such as non-stick pans, food packaging, carpets, furniture, toiletries, and firefighting foam. The number of uses for PFAS chemicals has risen dramatically since they first came into common use in the 1950s.

The PFAS used in our everyday products leak into our environment during production, use and disposal, and may contaminate our blood, water, air and food.

PFAS are often referred to as the ‘forever chemicals’ because of their extreme persistence in the environment.

The BBC did carry out a limited study in England; one of many that will have been carried out by multiple agencies around the world. The BBC study concluded that PFAS 'levels exceeded European safety levels (2.2 nanograms per litre - 2.2ng/l) in almost half of the 45 samples taken.
However, none exceeded the current safety level in England and Wales. The Drinking Water Inspectorate states that drinking water in Englandand Wales contain 'PFAS chemicals at no more than 100 nanograms per litre (ng/l)'.

Four out of 25 samples taken had PFAS chemical levels exceeding 10ng/l, which means that levels must be monitored and also flagged up to local healthcare professionals.

Professor Roger Klein, a chemist and PFAS chemicals expert thinks it's ludicrous for the Drinking Water Inspectorate to set a level of 100ng/l before any action needs to be taken. He says that even though the results show small levels of contamination with PFAS chemicals it highlights that PFAS chemicals are everywhere and that it's even in drinking water.

How do I remove Forever Chemicals from Drinking Water?

We're currently looking into this in much greater depth.

At the moment any of our drinking water filters or mains water filters that contain a carbon block water filter cartridge will reduce PFAS chemicals.

We recommend the Pearl T, Moby, or Doby.

For more efficient reduction of PFAS chemicals we recommend a two stage water filter system where the carbon block cartridge is followed by a NanoCeram water filter cartridge. 

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