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0 1 hour and 38 minutes later...

On the 12th June we received a Fountain Filters Help Desk message. 

It was an interesting query which resulted in messages going back and forth over several days. 

In a nutshell, this potential customer wanted a diagram of our Nero Verona 2 Lever Black Kitchen Mixer Tap

They specifically wanted to know if they could replace the tap spout with a swivel spray nozzle / aerator. 

This was possible.


When they received the 3 way tap they searched high and low for a swivel aerator that would fit and they told us in no uncertain terms that the part they needed DID NOT EXIST. 

Now there's a challenge. 

When we hear this from our customers a light flicks on and we make it our mission to find what the customer is looking for. 

Now, we didn't have to do this, but we go the extra mile to ensure our customers get a cracking service. 

So we did some searching and found exactly what she was looking for. 

It wasn't obvious, but when you've been in this industry for a while you sort of know what to look for. 

1 hour and 38 minutes of help desk chat and £5.99 later we have one very happy customer with a 3 way tap that swivels! 

Here's what she said...

"Simon, you are absolutely right!!! It does swivel, it's just indeed very stiff. I now feel very embarrassed about doubting you - sorry!!! You are a hero, a legend - thank you so, so, so much for your help. I now have my gorgeous tap ready for the installation in two weeks! Thank you once again, you guys really do provide what is a definition of an excellent customer service! Well done and thank you again :)"


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