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0 Be Careful Who You Listen To

Every six months we send our customers an email prompting them to look at whether or not they need to replace their water filter cartridge.

On the 1st May 2020 one of our customers replied to that email saying "I now have an reverse osmosis system with another company but wish I had come to you. You were very kind so forgive my mistake. A friend’s husband was supplying them. The unit is great but I am uneasy with him when he services etc. Please stay safe and well and I will be in touch if I need you again but for now, please stop the emails and stay safe and well. With love and thanks"

We could jump up and down, get red in the face and annoyed when this happens.

But we never do.

We just said "That is no problem at all. We were delighted to help you out. I'll unsubscribe you from our cartridge reminder list. Take care and thank you so much for your custom."

What did confuse us about this one though was that she had ordered from us five times over the course of three years and didn't need a reverse osmosis system.

Her average spend with us was £46.97.

I can guarantee that she would have been convinced to install a system that she didn't' need and therefore spend way more than she ever needed to.

This makes us sad.

Simon spends a lot of time talking people out of spending unnecessary amounts of money. We work with our customers to find out exactly how they want to improve their water and tailor products to their needs.

We don't rub our hands together and think 'how much can we squeeze out of this person'.

That's the wrong way to excel at customer service.

It gets better though...

On the 16th August 2020 I received an email from this customer saying;

"Hi there Louise. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well. I write with a radical question! I have an RO filter and when, recently, the man came to service it he was very rude and intimidating. You sell RO units and I wonder, does your company service them? I am pretty sure you couldn’t service one fitted by someone else but if I don’t ask I will never find out! Kind regards. You are doubtless busy getting by in this most difficult moment in time but, if you feel and are able to help this disloyal customer with a reply and perhaps a comment I will be most grateful."

We've asked some questions to ascertain whether we can help her. We won't chase her - we'll just be here at the end of the phone or email when she needs us.

And it's really spooky as when I was writing this blog another email has just come in from her.

So please don't let yourself be talked into something.

Do your research and trust your gut feeling.

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