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0 Exquisite Italian Kitchen Mixer Taps

If you're thinking of giving your kitchen a fresh new look it's important not to over look the tap as part of your kitchen design.

Taking time to choose a kitchen mixer tap is important when you're getting excited about your kitchen renovation.

We've got a beautiful range of Italian made kitchen mixer taps to choose from.

They all pair very well with one of our drinking water filters, so you have 24 hour access to fresh filtered water.

Yay - no more need to buy bottled water, which is a good thing.  

Did you know that cooking with filtered water can help improve the overall taste of whatever you're preparing?

So, if you want better tasting vegetables, pasta and fish for example, then filtered water is a win win.

This is especially true if you live in a hard water area as increased levels of limescale impact negatively on the taste of cooked food.

All of our kitchen mixer taps are available to order online.

Aquilia kitchen mixer tap

Verona kitchen mixer tap

Milano kitchen mixer tap


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