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This article appeared in The Metro paper on the 20th November 2021.
Here are our thoughts...
1. Tap water in many restaurants is filtered, so when you ask for tap water it's actually filtered water that you get. A lot of restaurants have installed an under sink water filter to improve the taste and smell of the water.
2. What water filter people decide on installing is all down to personal preference. Unless they have something very specific they need to treat (especially if they are on a private water supply) our first question to people that contact us is 'what do you want to change about your water?"
3. Please don't succumb to buying bottled water. Even if it says it's contained with a 100% recycled plastic bottle, it took energy to recycle that plastic. Re-useable bottles are far more ecologically efficient. When you've got a re-useable bottle you can fill it up every day from your very own drinking water filter.
4. We believe in leaving the good minerals in water e.g. calcium and magnesium. What people don't like is the unsightly limescale build up that destroys kettles and other household appliances. We wrote a really informative blog post about hard water in the UK.
5. It's often the chlorine in water that exacerbates dry skin and scalp conditions, e.g. eczema. It's a necessary disinfectant as it kills micro-organisms that would make you ill. It does have a bitter taste and smell which can bother some people, but not all. Chlorine is very easy to remove at relatively low cost.
6. There's still debate about whether drinking softened water is a good thing or not due to the increase in sodium. Often people using a water softener will also have a separate drinking water filter installed to remove the sodium before drinking it.
7. There are many different types of water filter and yes, one that is dedicated to reducing hardness will do just that. We sell a OneFlow system which treats very hard water and is is extremely popular.
8. There are many specialist water filters that deal with a whole host of contaminants. Unfortunately the author of this article and the experts that have given their input don't seem to have much knowledge of water filtration. Yes, the majority of water filters remove chlorine and thus improve the smell and taste of the water. But not all of them do that.
9. The closer you are to the water treatment works the stronger the chlorine taste and smell might be. If you leave your water in a glass
for 24 hours at room temperature the chlorine dissipates.
10. Yes, our water filters will remove PFAS. It's important that you speak to a company that can guide you to choosing a water filter system that is right for you. Everyone has different needs. At the most basic level, any water filter system that contains activated carbon will remove PFAS.
11. Reverse Osmosis is ecologically unsound. It throws huge amounts of water away, removes the minerals and then some systems add them back in! Reverse Osmosis systems that don't add minerals back in produce unnatural water not ideal for consumption.
If after reading the article you have questions of your own then please do not hesitate to get in touch and have a chat with us. We can be reached on 01352 838 281 or send Simon and I a message through our helpdesk HERE

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