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0 The War on Plastic

War on Plastic with Hugh and Anita

You may or may not have seen this BBC video above which is about what happens to our plastic waste when we recycle it. 

It's an eye opener, but it's our responsibility to do the right thing and we strongly believe that installing a drinking water filter in your home will be one of the most beneficial things you can do in the war against plastic. 

Installing a water filter is becoming increasingly more important. It signifies a positive personal contribution to reducing plastic waste. 

It minimizes plastic waste because you're not buying plastic bottles of water. 

The water filter cartridges can be broken down and put into the soil in your garden. 

We use metal brackets and fittings.

The plastic housing and parts will last years so you don't have to keep on replacing them.

Please get in touch and we can help you fight the war against plastic.



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