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0 When things go wrong...

We are all human and despite our best intentions things don’t always run smoothly.

In life and in business…

Very recently we had three customers in a row that were all named Daniel.

Two out of the three ordered a 3 way tap.

We ask our supplier to deliver 3 way taps to our customers as it cuts out the middle man and saves our customers money. There’s also fewer miles traveled so it’s pretty good for the environment too.

I’m sure you can guess what happened?

And perhaps you’re curious to know how we resolved it…

But firstly, it’s really important to understand that when things go wrong (and they do!) and customer service doesn’t run as smoothly as we’d like there are a couple of critical things we do…

  1. We don’t run and hide and blame others. We raise our hands in the air and take responsibility. Mistakes happen and we just don’t panic about it.
  2. As soon as a customer has told us that something has gone wrong, we work with them to sort it out. As long as they know that we’re doing something about it and keeping them updated, they’re more than happy to wait. If we keep them in the dark they don’t like it one bit. Do you?   

So, in this recent bank holiday blip the wrong 3 way taps were delivered to the two Daniel’s.

How did we fix the problem?

Well, we got straight onto both Daniel’s and gave them two options…

  1. They could post the taps to each other and we’d refund the postage. Or…
  2. Ask our supplier to collect the taps and then deliver them again. Correctly this time!

They chose option 1, which was our preferred option as it was quicker and cheaper.

We also told our supplier what had happened and how we’d resolved it.

And they’ll knock the postage costs off our next invoice.

End result…

Happy customers laughing

Happy business owners laughing





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